Present and future developments and trends in strategic health care planning

Include whether you are ready for these new developments or trends.

The provision of current health care services faces enormous constraints that jeopardize successful function execution. From ever-changing technology to growing customer demands, this industry is in desperate need of strategic planning. Living in such a tumultuous environment necessitates careful planning.

A number of unique developments and trends are currently influencing the contemporary health-care system. The most important of these is the creation of a short and precise vision that accurately [profiles both the customer's wants and the organization's basic objectives. Having a vision is not enough. Consistent and regular review of the same is required as a means of sustaining relevance. Closely following that trend is the appropriate incorporation of information technology innovations. Any health organization that does not use the latest centralized data management systems is cutting its own feet (Arrow, 2009). The third trend is applying the most sound and innovative financial management systems. Automated budget based applications assist in harmonizing financial information and ensuring that no money is used or received without due diligence (Rice, 2011). The firth trend is undertaking staff performance contracting and appraisals. This factor, executed perfectly, ensures that the facility employs the best skills available in the market thus acquiring a competitive advantage over other service providers.

I am adequately prepared for these trends and innovation from two perspectives. First, participating within the health sector without appropriate data management skills would set up for long ranging inconveniences which will greatly dilute my productivity. Wastage of time moving up and tracing files is an event bent on wasting my time. The second one on skills implies that I keep on undertaking consistent training. Failure to do this will just push me down the career ladder.


Arrow, K. (2009). Toward a 21st-Century Health Care System: Recommendations for Health Care Reform. Annals Of Internal Medicine, 150(7), 493.

Rice, J. (2011). The 21st Century Health Care Leader. Quality Management In Health Care, 11(1), 83-87.

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