In terms of theme and rhyme, this paper produces a poem that is modeled after the poem “To My Close and Caring Husband.” Its core focus will be the quest for unity. It will also take a textual, stylistic, and thematic approach, similar to Bradstreet’s poem. In this case, it would use iambic pentameter and a rhyme scheme of AABBCCDDEEFF, revealing a sequence of rhyming couplets throughout the poem save for a few words, close to Bradstreet’s poem (Bradstreet).
The poem is as follows:
For the sake of peace
But for love, we must not die.
But for trust, thee must avoid a lie;
But for the sake of peace,
Take it upon you, you prince, if you please.

We value your might more than what matters to our plight,

Also in exceeding the scale of what power does hold.

Our desire falls beyond what life can grant

Never frivolous but for ye power, allow peace,

Thy vigor goes beyond all we can possibly reward

Thee will harvest from the stores of compassion, we believe.

Then as we exist, in peaceful coexistence we persist in love

Thereafter when we might embrace peace, we may survive as one piece.


Despite being tedious and thoughtful, this assignment has been educative and important in re-energizing my creativity with respect to developing content, presenting it in the form of a poem whose style and rhyme imitate another poem. The selection of words that preserve rhyme and style while retaining the poem’s meaning was quite a tedious process. However, the entire assignment was helpful in the sense that it helped me in getting a clearer understanding of the application of iambic pentameters for the development and preservation of rhyme and style throughout the poem.

Works Cited

Bradstreet, Ann. “Anne Bradstreet, Poems”. Web. 26 May 2017.

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