Paper Submission for Personal Contemplation

Adjustment is a necessary phase in the life of any person so that they can function and communicate with others efficiently while still living peacefully, especially in different places and environments.

Level of Adjustment

My current level of adjustment to life is very satisfactory, particularly at a significant level. I will now understand multiple life contexts, as well as the opportunity to take my time before making decisions and calm down and analyze circumstances. I have come to understand that occasionally taking reckless decisions can have harmful effects. My planning and operational skills have greatly improved with respect to goals. I understand that education, family, work, and recreation are essential elements for well-being. For this reason, I try as much as possible to create a balance between these four aspects, with family, learning, and work taking the greatest share of precedence followed by recreation and fun.

Personal Aspects

Personal aspects such as identity, self-esteem, and self-concept are elements that I have learned how to improve them. I interact freely with people from diverse backgrounds and also try to express my ideas without fear. While at times my self-assurance fades depending on the circumstance, I do respond internally by believing that I can achieve my goals and it helps a lot. Unlike the above attributes, my gender and ethnicity cannot be changed except by appreciating myself for what I am, connecting with those who care for me, focusing on my positive attributes, and also taking care of my well-being.

Dealing with Stress

Since stress is part of life, I am equipped with multiple ways of dealing with it particularly through eating balanced diets, exercise and recreation to divert attention from the issues, adequate sleep and surrounding myself with people that I trust. I have also learned the importance of self-control, an aspect that enables me to take breaks from those things that disturb my peace of mind and life as a whole.

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