Pain that is Chronic

Suppression was described by Baumeister, Dale, and Sommer (1998) as an approach used by many individuals to defend themselves against various forms of psychological and social threats. The nature of the authors’ discussion of repression demonstrates that most people resort to defense mechanisms such as denial, isolation, and creation of reactions, among others, which prevent them from feeling anything they hate (Baumeister, Dale, and Sommer 1998). Suppressions are also related to the defense mechanism.
Reaction creation, relocation, denial, undoing, detachment, prediction, and sublimation are the key variables explored in this report (Baumeister, Dale, & Sommer 1998). The mentioned variables make up an approach called defense mechanism that takes place unconsciously amongst people who fear accepting reality. For example, smokers and alcoholics like making excuses for their addictions and they refuse to admit to themselves that such drugs are dangerous to their health. Consequently, the act of denial is a form of defense mechanism. Baumeister, Dale, and Sommer decided to analyze these variables to show the amount of literature that exist and identify the rate at which various authors have discussed the mentioned defense mechanisms.
Little to no information exists about sublimation since most people do not know how to displace their emotions into something less harmful to society. Conversely, more literature examines denial, isolation, and reaction formation as common ways that most people use as a defense mechanism. For instance, most scholars agree that people use reaction formation to safeguard their self-esteem. Equally, the researchers concluded several scholars supported the idea that most people like shifting blame to others by refusing to accept that they are in the wrong.
Based on this week_x0092_s readings, defense mechanisms may be dangerous to the people who embrace them. For instance, it may result in chronic pain such as constant headaches caused denials. Instead, people need to accept the truth and face situations head on as the best way to solving problems.
Baumeister, F. R., Dale, K., & Sommer, L. K. (1998). Freudian defense mechanisms and
empirical findings in modern social psychology: reaction formation, projection, displacement, undoing, isolation, sublimation, and denial. Journal of Personality, 66(6), 1081-1124.

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