North Carolina and FEMA

Compilation of relevant documentation for hospital, school, road, and electrical planning.

Description of the scope, purpose, and a summary of the planned activities

List the areas that want improvement.

Ready to conduct regular reviews and assessments of your planning efforts.

Base decision-making procedures on genuine research based on real-time facts and information.

Prepare a budget and identify funding sources.

Consultation with all appropriate agencies, as well as a review of numerous detailed plan reports

Annexes and Emergency Support Functions

The usage of land

Provision of programs for the public as well as facilities (Pace & Montz, 2016)

Programs aimed at capital improvement like timing and good selection of locations

Influencing the pattern required for development e.g. through extension of utilities and protection of spaces for future road construction.

Land acquisition where it can be purchased, donated, reservations utilization, or the dedications form residents

Usage and development of land

The land has to be regulated on its divisions as well in the pattern of public constructions

Regulation on the use of own land developments

The enforcement of state code of building

The establishment of standards geared towards property maintenance

The need for provision of direction and leadership programs

-adoption of a plan that must be followed by all

-assistance availability for property owners

-offering of guidelines for designs for free

(d) The plan to provide financial incentives

-rehabilitation and historic preservation grants and loans

-allocating housing rental subsidies

Economic development

-government needs to have a program in place that allows the citizens access to low charged loans so that they can participate in economic improvement

-the population has to provide good health so that can deal well with crisis with while effects are planned to have tentative effects

Community development

-The mitigation of public utility preservation like fields and spaces for future roads construction

-The progressive development of public facilities and amenities so that the public can have recreational activities

-educating the general public on the need to stay safe and general development goals.

-school improvement

Historic preservation

-having efforts in place to preserve national heritage like museums and monuments

-organization for annual events in the memory of the victims of natural hazards as well as review of the mitigation measure put in place to assess their effectiveness

-remembering those who lost their loved ones during natural calamities and joining them as we set forth goals for future mitigation


Infrastructure like transportation and utilities

-development of a comprehensive outreach and development effort

-the analysis to understand the transportation needs

-seeking recommendation to come up with solutions to the identified needs

-Development of a roadmap

-the application of both long term and short-term aimed at allowing the access of North Carolina

Support Annexes

The provision of loans by the government for private investors for development purposes

The grants funding by the government and the volunteers for financing development projects

The campaigns geared towards charity organization in contribution for sponsoring mitigation efforts.

Planning Department

This department is concerned with the coordination and the review of the subdivisions within North Carolina.

-the role of the various authorities mandated with the approval of plats like planning board, the governing board.

The role of agencies involved in the review of the proposed divisions like public works, utility departments, county health departments, parks and recreation department as well as the transportation department

Hazard, Threat, or Incident-Specific Annexes

(a) Supportive programs like

-Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)

-Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA)

-Earthquake Consortium Grant (Neal et al., 2017)

-Homeland Security

(b) The implementation capabilities

-establishing criteria for assessing eligibility and prioritizing of the mitigation plans

-assessing the cost involved in dealing with mitigation efforts and acquiring the most cost effective plans (Gissing, 2017)

(c) Conducting the management capabilities

-time frames and the procedures for applying the programs

-assessing the environmental impact as well as the cost benefit analysis

-continuous production of reports on a quarterly basis (Horney et al., 2017)

-determination of the period required for the effective application of a certain mitigation measure

(d) Evaluation of the mitigation efforts

(e) Establishing a comprehensive mitigation funding


Gissing, A. (2017). Disaster risk management: Insights from the US. Australian Journal of Emergency Management, The, 32(3), 5.

Horney, J., Dwyer, C., Aminto, M., Berke, P., & Smith, G. (2017). Developing indicators to measure post‐disaster community recovery in the United States. Disasters, 41(1), 124-149.

Neal, W. J., Pilkey, O. H., Cooper, J. A. G., & Longo, N. J. (2017). Why coastal regulations fail. Ocean & Coastal Management.

Pace, W., & Montz, B. (2016). Category change and risk perception: Hurricane Irene and coastal North Carolina. Journal of emergency management, 12(6), 467-477.

Shan, X., Peng, J., Kesete, Y., Gao, Y., Kruse, J., Davidson, R. A., & Nozick, L. K. (2016). Market Insurance and Self-Insurance through Retrofit: Analysis of Hurricane Risk in North Carolina. ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A: Civil Engineering, 3(1), 04016012.

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