Noggin Stick Developmental Light up Rattle

Light up Noggin Stick Developmental Smart Noggin Company, which takes pleasure in delivering learning to children from the moment they arrive in this world, created the rattle toy. When the Noggin Stick is lifted up, the head lights up, which might engage the baby's sense of sight (Haut, 2016). The toy's neck has a fairly rough texture, which makes it simple for the baby's fragile hands to grab and so develops the child's grasping skills.  Also, the gentle rattle sound, produced by the toy, when it is shaken, helps in developing the sense of hearing of the baby’s tender ears. Besides, the toy’s bottom is a mixture of black and white, and since the baby cannot see colors weeks after birth, the contrasting colors are important in helping the child interact with the toy and develop the baby’s sense of sight (Haut, 2016). The Noggin Stick toy is aimed to stimulate the baby’s senses to undergo cognitive development in perception ability and information processing ability.

A discussion on cognitive development cannot be complete without integrating it with Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, which classifies child development into four stages: sensorimotor stage, pre-operational stage, concrete operational stage and formal operational stage (Fisch, 2017). The stage of most importance in this discussion is the sensorimotor stage, in which Piaget states that children gain their knowledge about the world through their senses and motor movements. Noggin Stick aims to develop the child’s sense of sight and hearing and, thereby helps the child to decipher the surrounding environment (Fisch, 2017). Therefore, the toy has taken into consideration the baby’s developmental needs in the early stages of their life.


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Fisch, S.M. (2017). Bridging Theory and Practice: Applying Cognitive and Educational Theory to the Design of Educational Media. Cognitive Development in Digital Contexts, 217-234.

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