National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

For the last two decades, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has encouraged teachers and tutors to engage students in discussions during math classes. The fundamental goal of this effort is to help students improve their ability to think mathematically and communicate their reasoning effectively. Classroom conversations and discourses are crucial elements that instructors and tutors can employ effectively if they commit to teaching for understanding. Mathematics tasks and questions encourage students to carefully listen to one another's viewpoints, with which they can choose to disagree or agree. In some circumstances, people may challenge each other's ideas, which may eventually improve their comprehension. Whenever a teacher or tutor clarifies and justifies a student’s opinion, the student develops a better view to the ideas hence, understand the idea better.

Discussion 2

In the two the video, learning especially mathematics is emphasized. In the first video; Talking about Math: Sharing Strategies most of the activities are learners centered, and the teacher or the tutor only gives direction if not clarifying and justifying the student's ideas. This is contrary to the second video where most of the learner is teachers centered. The teachers play a vital role in the class regarding the preparation that she does to keep his class organized. For instance, whenever a teacher walks into a classroom, he or she should firm ensure that the classroom is fit for learning. This is contrary to the first video where students have not been arranged in an orderly manner. Consequently, the student in the first video appears to have young students while the second video where students are in the eighth grade.

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