My Interest in a Major in English

My Passion for Writing

English has usually been an interesting language for me. I grew up learning more than simply what was required for the average teenager. I remember perusing thru the dictionary and writing out words alongside their meanings in a separate notebook with the aim of the use of them in my essays. Reading newspapers, magazines, and novels, I was always fascinated by way of how the sentences flowed with the writers using vocabulary in a complexly sparing manner that would be easy for anyone to read. This degree of writing became my goal as I aspired to be a writer in my person years. However, I had to put in a lot of hours in order to understand proper sentence-building and, thankfully, I had my grandfather, a former English grammar teacher, to assist me in letter-writing and other lessons that I still hold onto to date. Throughout my schooling, the seventh grade was my most interesting year of all. One of the best teachers who ever taught me took our class for the English lesson, both in grammar and creative writing. He understood the English language in ways that I admired. I hardly wanted to miss a single lesson.

Aspiring to be a Writer

I aspire to become a professional writer. I pursued an English major because of my passion for the expression of ideas. During high school, I published many articles on our school magazine and even had a blog about art. If I were to describe myself, I would say that I am an innately creative individual with an intense imagination that spontaneously makes various visualizations. I would like to share all these through the art of writing. I believe that I would make a good creative writer. However, a career in professional writing, whether in the technical field of science and technology, arts or reporting for a news agency, is my immediate focus. For me, college means more than just books. It is also about interactions with fellow talented students and professors who have walked the line as writers and successful academicians. Some of them have earned a reputation in their fields and I would like to get a chance to gain knowledge from them. In interacting, I get to build a socio-professional circle that may help me to advance my career plans in one way or another. Nevertheless, in the long run, I will become a creative writer, specializing in the fantasy and adventure genre of novels.

Questions and Clarifications

I have various questions related to the course work. Considering my career goals, I understand that the class work will play a significant role in actualizing them. However, I do not have a clear understanding of the units that will be fundamental to my objectives. I would like to get a clarification regarding which points of interest I should focus my energies in order to attain the requisite knowledge in professional writing. I do not have any worries because I believe that college life offers a good launching pad into one's career through the provision of professors who will be mentors as well as enormous library resources that are essential in building one's knowledge. Also, interaction with professionals who have succeeded in real life is easier than in other stages of education. With regards to the syllabus, I am yet to view the full set of materials for the academic year. Therefore, I prefer to ask any question after viewing them.

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