The term “modernism” refers to a modern way of thought and practicing that differs from the conventional rules and writing methods used by older writers prior to the twentieth century. Any of the main forces that influenced the emergence of modernism were the development of modern industrial economies, the rapid growth of cities, and the reactions to World War I. As a result, conservative religious practices and ancient ways of thought were rejected. The student’s theory on modernism is that it is an improved artistic technique that employs new modes of expression in literature, arts, and other complex practices. From the student’s perspective, modernism allows human beings to be creative, innovative and come up with new forms of expression that is relatable to the modern man.
There are three qualities of modernism that support the student’s thesis and that will be used to critically analyze, compare and contrast the two selected authors. The first characteristic of modernism is the freedom of expression as a sign of an individual’s inner strength. This is expressed through four literary ‘isms’- subjectivism, impressionism, expressionism and surrealism (Lewis) . The second quality of modernism that is used in analysis of the two poems is self-consciousness and irony concerning literary and social conventions. This is characterized by techniques and expressions that demonstrate the materials and process employed in writing a poem or creating paint. The third quality of modernism that support the thesis is refashioning or rewriting of classical or mythic forms into works of art that is understood by the modern man. This quality of modernism make use of revision, incorporation, parody, reprise and rewriting. Allusiveness, symbolic references to prior literary monuments and use of suggestive forms within narratives or frames are also incorporated when rewriting ancient literature materials (Eysteinsson).
The student did a critical analysis of two authors from week four. The first author is F. Scott Fitzgerald who was born on September 24th, 1896 in St. Paul, Minnesota. The author worked to revise a novel which had been previously rejected. The novel later on became successful and it was titled This Side of Paradise. The revision of an older version of a novel by Fitzgerald supports the student’s thesis on modernism since the writer had to employ a new writing technique that was more appealing and relatable to the modern man.The writer also puts in practice the third quality of modernism which is ‘refashioning or rewriting of classical or mythic forms into works of art that is understood by the modern man.’
In 1924, the writer wrote what was considered his greatest novel while in France. The novel was titled The Great Gatsby. The plot of the novel involves critiquing love, materialism and the American Dream (Garratt). This novel relates to the thesis on modernity since the writer did a critical analysis and wrote what he perceived love to be in the modern society in comparison to the older generations. Fitzgerald also provided a new perspective on the American Dream that was different from what had been stipulated in the earlier societies. This writing technique supports the first quality of modernism concerning freedom of expression resulting from consciousness. This is because the writer was able to express his ideas on contemporary issues in the society though they were not consistent with the norm in the society.
The second author from week four that the student did analysis of his work is Edward Estlin Cummings who was born on October 14, 1894.The first incidence that the author showed his support for modernism was during his graduation ceremony address at Harvard where he talked about innovative arts. This supports the thesis on modernism as it signifies new ways of thinking. In his novel The Enormous Room, Cummings recounts how he was imprisoned for months for being outspoken on his anti-war convictions. This is contrary to the freedom of expression which is one of the qualities of modernism .Imprisonment of an individual as a result of expressing contrary opinion is not supported in the student’s thesis of modernism
Cummings adopted new writing techniques and structures in his poems which was different from the traditional writing practices. He improvised varied forms, including punctuation, syntax, spelling, and format (Hall). This different technique of writing supports the thesis of modernism .This is because the writer came up with more creative and artistic ways of writing poems that is more relevant to the modern world. The writer uses playful and simple words that are easily understood. He also employed the use of visual presentation to make it more interesting for the reader and most of his poems are short. Cummings innovative writing techniques are consistent with the quality of modernism which employs the use of symbolism and realistic details in writing.
When comparing and contrasting the two authors, the author who seems more representative of the modern man view point is F. Scott Fitzgerald. This is because the writer revises an older novel into a more interesting one that is relevant to the modern man. The writer also critiques on love, materialism and the American Dream into a modern view point that is representative of what is happening in the modern society. Fitzgerald writing is relatable to the modern man view of the current society which is characterized by the decline of traditional religious norms and the rise of materialistic and secular culture (Bryne).
In conclusion, modernism has revolutionized the way societies behave and has lead innovative ways writing literature. This has been fostered by globalization and the use of internet where individuals from across the world share various literature materials. It is therefore important for writers to employ literary techniques that are understood across the globe.

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