Models and frameworks of Evidence-Based Practice

Theory and Frameworks of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

Several theories and frameworks of Evidence-Based Practice are now employed in nursing practice. These models include the Tidal Model Theory, the Theory of Comfort Model, the Four Conservation Principles Framework, the Change Theory Framework, the Health Promotion Model, the Need Theory Framework, the Goal Attainment Theory Framework, the Helping Art of Clinical Nursing Model, the Activities of Living Nursing Model, the Transcultural Nursing Theory Framework, the Core, Care and Cure Theory Framework, the Chronic Illness Trajectory Framework, the Interpersonal Theory Framework, the Nursing as Caring Theory Framework, and the Nursing as Caring Theory (LoBiondo & Haber, 2017).

The Strength of Evidence-Based Nursing Models

The strength of the data demonstrates the amount to which a specific Nursing Model is beneficial in supporting the target patients. Moreover, strong evidence portrays the practicability of the Nursing Model during translation into practice.

Integration of Evidence-Based Practice and Patient Preferences

It is important to integrate both evidence-based practice and patient and family preferences to ensure the establishment of rapport and trust before and during the treatment process. The integration helps prepare both patient and family members psychologically. It assists in establishing mutual understanding towards the caring process (Taylor et al., 2016).

Matching Evidence-Based Practice with Patient and Family Values

Besides, the integration provides the nurse to evaluate the patient's comfort after the caring process is completed. In case the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) and patient and family practice do not match, the nurse has to revisit his/her communication with the patient. The principle aim is to win the trust of the patient and family. Therefore, the nurse has to properly inform the patient on the caring process, understand their family values, beliefs, culture, and religion, and inquire from the patient the kind of care they would like to receive (Nilsen, 2015).

The Importance of Proper Information in Patient Care

Having the proper information aids the nurse and the healthcare team when selecting the best care practice for the particular patient.


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