Lying, Path the Truth, and "By the Waters of Babylon

If everybody has access to the facts, it is valuable. Since people like to know the full truth, the provision of information in bits will raise their fear and interest. For example, in the novel By the Waters of Babylon, a character called John, son of the priest, walked towards the east in search of the truth about forbidden places such as dead buildings. Moreover, in contemporary society, children usually practice some acts like fornication to experiment with the truth, because the adults have refused to provide the whole truth to the children regarding the negative effects of pre-marital sex. The adults or parents only provide the children with the superficial truth about the negative effects of fornication. Therefore, it is important to provide every individual with whole truth regarding any phenomenon around them to prevent them from engaging in the search for the truth, which may turn out to be detrimental.The Significance of Providing TruthThe truth and facts should be wholly available to every individual. The provision of the truth in small doses usually makes individuals develop curiosity and desire to understand the truth. It is not right for the adults to lie to the children on matters which cannot be practically proofed. Therefore, the paper discusses the significant of providing truth and facts wholly to every individual as outlined in the subsequent paragraphs.The truth and facts need to be provided to children to prevent them from hunting for the truth which may compromise their life. The book By the Waters of Babylon quoted that the good hunting places are north, west and south; however, it is forbidden to go to the east because it is the Dead Places (Benet 15). Benet further quoted that, “the rules and the laws only allow priest and their sons to go to the Dead places in search of the metals, and thereafter experience purification” (16). However, no one has proofed the truth about the allegation of adventuring into the East, thus, this prompted John to travel the path towards the east to discover the truth about the belief of the things in the east, especially, the Dead Places (Benet 13). The adventure forces John realized that what people believed from the tales were not the truth. For instance, Benet quotes that “it is not authentic what some of the stories narrates that the ground in the Dead Place burns forever” (18). Therefore, it was significant to provide truth about the Dead Places to John to spare him the time of travelling to the Dead Places as the provision of truth in bits or small doses prompted him to travel the path alleged to reveal the truth.In addition, in the contemporary society, it is prudent to offer truth wholly to the children to avoid their indulgence into bad practices in sought of the whole truth (Valič 34). For instance, it is important for the parents to offer the whole truth to the children about the detrimental effects of engaging in sexual activities at tender age. The parents are considered to understand this topic because they have either experienced or witnessed the negative effects of engaging in premature sex. The truth about the sexually transmitted infections (STI), early pregnancy, and moral perspective associated with sexual activities need not to be given to the children in bits because they will indulge in such act to discover the whole truth which may turn out to be unbearable to them.Particularly, the consequences of engaging in early sexual activities are sometimes unbearable for the children. For instance, it is quoted in the bible from the book of 1 Corinthians 6:19 that, “human body is the temple of God, and one needs to keep it holy from sexual immorality (Manetsch 23).” Sexual immorality in this case implies engagement in sexual intercourse before marriage, also known as fornication. The moment a child finds pleasure in fornication, he or she may convert to a prostitute that can cause him or her to waste away due to STIs, distress, and even death. Therefore, the whole truth about detrimental effects of sex should be disclosed to each and everyone in the society, especially the children, to prevent them from falling victims of the negative consequences. Podjed quotes that, “naturally, human beings are fond of conducting research to come up with the facts and proofs about the phenomenon around them” (24). Therefore, the truth may be provided wholly to each and every one to reduce the desire of hunting for the truth.ConclusionIn conclusion, it is significant to provide the whole truth to everyone to reduce the chances of individuals hunting for the truth. The process of hunting for the truth may compromise the safety of life for individuals. Moreover, it is prudent to provide the whole truth about sex to the children to prevent them from experimenting in sought of the truth because the consequences may be unbearable to them. For instance, early engagement in the sexual activities may interfere with the morals of the children and sometimes can result in death caused by sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, it is in order to provide the whole truth about any matter or phenomenon which is of interest to the people.Works CitedBenet, Stephen V. By the Waters of Babylon. Hythloday Press, 1937.Manetsch, Scott M. 1 Corinthians. IVP Academic, 2017.Podjed, Dan. "We Don't Need another Hero: The Importance of Celebrities in the Post-Truth Era”. Traditiones (2016): 7-20. Valič, Zver A. "Democracy Is Fragile: Importance of Searching for the Truth." Slovenia in 20th Century. (2016): 7-19.

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