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According to William F. Ogburn, cultural laggard is also known as the cultural laggard, but some people claim that the concept takes some time to hook up with technical concepts and causes social problems and disputes. Cultural delays explain what is happening in social structures when the values which govern life do not follow in other, sometimes but not always technological, changes. As technology develops, it is assumed that old theories and social values are obsolete and that they result in crises and moral disputes. Technology developed more quickly than ever between the 20th century and the 21st century. Culture lag is as a result of the inability of some members to understand science and technology and take its advantage.

There are numerous problems occurring from cultural lags in the society. A good example according to sociologist Ogburn is about stem cells that have seen the rise in too many and new potential beneficial medical techniques; though these modern technologies have also stirred up critical ethical concerns about stems cells use in medication. Cultural lag is viewed as a serious moral problem since failing to build wide-ranging social agreement on suitable uses of new expertise might translate to a collapse in community harmony and the increase of social clashes. There are several culture lags behind modern technology another example is life support. Life support has become very popular in the world today with the installation of life support machines in hospitals. This has seen medical technology being used to keep human bodies working longer than they would be seen dead (Ogburn 23). It raises cultural and ethical queries about when life ends and who has the power to terminate artificial life support or to adjust survival. The improvement of new cultural opinions, standards, and practices lags behind the predicament posed by a change in technology. Ogburn has a belief that a certain period of time is required in order for the society to adjust to the new situation.

Internet as market field

The internet has been widely viewed as the largest market center in the universe. It has created an opportunity for entrepreneurs from different republics to meet and trade online without necessarily contacting physically. Internet companies and ICT starters have been in the high competition with each other to gain the clients approval. This has resulted in a conflict in the society with parents and guardians lamenting the mess their children have been subjected to. Parents in their views have disqualified the internet citing that it has been the reason for the rise in cyber fraudulent most people have lost their money through the internet. The internet is said to be the aid to conmen and women who pose as entrepreneurs on the internet.

Internet as playground

The internet as the playground is a metaphor that is widely used to describe the features of play on the internet. Internet like a playground provides an opportunity for the members of the states to access popular contents such as streaming videos, blogging, online games, music and various social networking services. Globally the people enjoy the internet because of its offers to them a wide range of social entertainment choices. Research findings are that the students and self-employed youths are the main dominants of the internet in the universe today with a rapid increase of mobile phones and computers among them. With the internet offering such an opportunity there have been clashes with the society’s norms and the internet. With the increased gaming activities, the internet has been accused of the cause of the increased moral decay and aiding to advocate for social misconducts such as internet dating, cybersex, and pornography. Research indicates that majority of students and people first obtained sexual education through the internet before getting it from elsewhere.

Addressing the cultural lag

Cultural lag is often a sociological problem that obstructs development and transfer of technologies. Changes in internet technologies are so fast for the people to keep track. Consequently, there have been efforts to address the cultural lags caused by the internet. In addressing the cultural lag from the internet and technology Bill Gates of Microsoft technologies has spearheaded a teaching to the members of the public on the use of a personal computer to influence the view of people about a computer (Marshall 85). This was because the way people viewed a computer is what caused a cultural lag in the computer technology. Addressing the benefits of the internet by the government and the ICT firms have been forefront in addressing and dealing with the cultural lags from the internet.

The government in addressing the cultural lags from the internet has also attempted to address the society’s values system. The aim of the government is to have the system values support constant improvement and change and to embrace innovation with its new technologies and evolved ideas. In its attempt to address the culture lags from the internet the government is improving education. This fact has seen the introduction of Informational Communication Technology (ICT) lessons in the state schools. The introduction of these lessons in state schools is aimed at helping the citizens adapt to technological changes and hence minimize the culture lags that surround internet and technology. People with outdated skills are likely to develop technophobic opinions and resistant attitudes towards technological advances. Education improvement has been among the first measure the government has been putting in place in a bid to curb the culture lags.

The benefits of the internet are very numerous thus it would be an important thing for the government and responsible firms such as ICT to invest in remedying the cultural caused by the internet. To remedy this cultural lag, the government in addition to providing internet education can establish links between technological research sectors and the society as opposed to what has been done behind doors. When advancement is made, a large group of the society is not aware of future technologies thus a rise in the cultural lag. The government also can put measures to monitor what is happening on the internet and bar the people and groups who misuse the internet technology from use also as a way of reducing the cultural lags. In addition to this, remedies proposals, the government should be able to foresee upcoming changes in the internet world and come up with preparation actions (Fisher and Larry 23).


In addition to the above proposals, I would recommend that the terms of net neutrality, which entails freedom of access any internet service a client wants to, and that enables free speech to be looked into and amended where possible. I am of the idea that the freedom on the internet should be minimized to help reduce cultural lags.

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