Job Description

I am fascinated to join your organization as a (position).

When I learned about the opening from the nearby paper, I immediately prepared my application materials. I admire the job that you are doing in the subject of marketing. I believe that being one of your employees would enhance my understanding in sales and marketing. I am prepared to work hard to meet your expectations.

I have tremendous people skills.

My capacity to converse in each English and Spanish language can contribute to reaching more clients. My brilliant communication skills were most superb when I worked for almost two years as a sales associate. I am also good in making people feel at ease. When I was an office assistant at a local school, I would cheerfully assist parents and visitors. I make sure that I am prepared with information about the products clients may be interested in or about the programs that the school visitors would like to participate in.

I am highly proficient in Microsoft Office and I have a good eye for detail.

I am organized and I manage my time efficiently. In my previous jobs, I was assigned a variety of tasks and was able to produce excellent output. I can work with minimum supervision and I am also effective even under pressure. I respect my superiors and I look forward to learning from them.

I appreciate the time you have given to my application.

May I email you in two weeks- time to ask about the results? I can come for an interview at your most convenient time. If you would need additional information, please contact me at the numbers above.

Thank you very much.




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