JetBlue Aviation Company

JetBlue and Social Media Management

JetBlue Aviation Corporation has frequently used social media to communicate with customers and manage various image meltdowns. JetBlue uses the following social media platforms to efficiently engage with its customers: Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The inclusion of JetBlue's readiness and openness on social media has assisted JetBlue in taking its course to greater heights in regard to customers. Yet, a negative response is displayed following JetBlue's tweet response to Matt Houst. The study examines how JetBlue manages social media conflicts and how they may improve.

JetBlue's Tweet Response

JetBlue's tweet to Matt Houst displayed rudeness and hatred (Time, 2014). The Brand Marketing department neglected the important focus of the customers’ needs. They affirm by responding they already knew it was already frustrating instead of taking things to a calm level and apologize for the inconvenience caused. They ought to have corrected the mistake if they already knew how frustrating it is. The aviation company should have focused on the needs of the customer. The Brand Marketing department should have tweeted, “Hi, we are currently experiencing delays with the flight as we are get crews out from all over who have been stranded due to weather and we will eliminate the problem as soon as possible. Thank you for your response.” The message displays etiquette and shows respect for the customers’ response on the service of the company (Time, 2014).

Improving Customer Satisfaction

In conclusion, the Brand Marketing department should focus more on satisfying the customer needs rather than neglecting. This would eliminate the customers’ intention to getting services from different company. The complaints depicted on social media are supposed to impact on the companies’ effectiveness of its services.


Time. (2014). Industry-Aviation: JETBLUE TWEET. Retrieved from

Appendix 1: Tweet by Jetblue

Matt P @MattHoust

@Jetblue then 2.5 hours after original departure informed of short 1 crew member. 1 hour later flight is canceled and rebooked for Monday

JetBlue Airways ✔@JetBlue

@MattHoust We know it's extremely frustrating. We're trying to get crews out from all over who have been stranded due to weather. (cont)

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