Intervention, Rehabilitation, and Social Programs

To some extent, the life path viewpoint is a superior technique for considering how a person's life is resolved by the presence of particular occurrences in life. The life course perspective is best conceived as a review of life events in relation to life stages, defining moments, and paths, all of which are embedded in social institutions. However, an intervention is a concerted effort by a group of individuals, most notably friends and family, to persuade an individual to seek specialist care following an addiction or a terrible experience. When a traumatic occurrence occurs, intervention is usually done. This procedure is comparable to a therapy session. Rehabilitation addresses social issues as well. Rehabilitation is a procedure designed to enhance recovery from an addiction or other social problems. Rehabilitation incorporates helping an individual to compensate for discrepancies that cannot be treated medically. This process is only carried out by qualified therapists who address an individual's psychological, physical and environmental needs. Social problems are also addressed through social programs. Social programs are programs organized mainly by the government to assist in crime prevention and other social problems. Social programs include educating children who might be exposed to violence.

Youths and children tend to involve themselves in criminal and delinquent behaviors at an early age. Illegal behaviors among children come as an influence from juvenile and adult offenders. In case of development of such behaviors among children, communities, families and also the government finds a way to intervene and protect the children from an onset of this antisocial behaviors. For instance, Canada is one of the countries that have the highest number of children incarceration which has been as a result of a rise in the number of children offenders. However, prosocial norms like social responsibility and volunteerism are moral standards that children development programs regularly want to enhance. Social norms are very useful in shaping someone's behavior. According to Sampson and Laub theory, the ability of various institutions to regulate criminal behavior depends on age-graded variability (Benson, 2013). Therefore, intervention, rehabilitation, and social programs can be used to prevent early antisocial behaviors among children. Many of the antisocial behaviors are acquires at an early life by learning from the role models. However, prevention information should be utilized in schools where most children spend their time. With this fact in hand, it is possible to make better use of the prevention sources that can sustainably minimize the issue of children violence.

However, it is evidence that adolescence is the prolonged period of human life. Therefore, it is inevitable that most adolescents are at a high risk of getting influenced into criminology. However, social programs for instance educational programs can be used to improve socialization where all adolescents will benefit hence being significant to adopt a life-course plan for prevention of antisocial behaviors. This program helps young people to develop cognitive and social skills. Nonetheless, delinquency affects educational achievement as well as life opportunities which therefore negatively affects adult outcomes which later maximizes criminal behaviors. Thus, children and adolescents brought up by strong families, healthy communities as well as quality schools are not at a high risk of juvenile delinquency even during their adulthood. Furthermore, education can influence adolescents' delinquents by expanding social bonds in this manner building social capital conceivably bringing about a desistance from criminal conduct (Benson, 2013).

Using Strain Theory to Explain White Collar Crime

In criminology and sociology, the strain theory states that stressors within a community increase the probability of an individual to commit a crime. Strains could be individual or structural. Structural strains mean that the society affects the way a person perceives his/her deeds where individual strains refer to frictions experienced by a person, therefore, forcing one to find ways of satisfying his/her deeds. However one of the crimes that can be characterized through strain theory is White Collar Crime. White collar crime is a delinquency that is committed by deception and is driven by financial gain. The most common white collar crimes include embezzlement, fraud, money laundry as well as tax evasion. Moreover, non-violent delinquencies that are committed directly or indirectly just for money gain falls under white collar crimes. Many the crimes that are categorized as white collar crimes are hard to prosecute since the offenders utilize sophisticated ways to carry out their crimes. However, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) stated that the white collar crimes in the United States lead to $300 billion loss.

Mainly white collar crime includes the person accused of violence ‘the offender'. The offender is an individual who is guilty of a certain crime and might expect probation or jail sentence. White collar crime also includes the victim. The victim is an individual who encounters emotional or physical harm, economic loss, and property damage resulted by a crime. However, white-collar offenders are punished through home detention, fines, restitution, community confinement and also imprisonment. Furthermore, longer imprisonment is suggested whenever more than one victim suffered financial harm. However, crime victims are normally eligible for a compensation especially to victims who are physically hurt in the crime course. Moreover, victims who are traumatized are also compensated and those who require physical safety relocated. Victim compensation differs from state to state and range from $10,000 -$100,000. Various states also offer $500- $1000 compensation to cover emergency expenditures.

Social and political developments that Influence Young People

Since early 21st century, many delinquencies tend to do away from the sight of the majority society. However, since then various social and political developments have happened that influences the lives of young people. These developments include education, cultural transmission by families', technologies, human development and international fights against organized crimes. These events are driving mechanisms into raising social awareness resulting in society productivity. However, leaders have been introducing new idea and practices that drive inspiration into young people. Moreover, educating the society means supporting new developments because education conveys societal knowledge from one generation to the other. Additionally, training the community can help prevent deviant behaviors and also prevent crimes. Technology is one social development that has brought a big impact on the society. For instance, young people have been engaging in technology creativity which exponentially increases human capacities. However, involving young people in societal developments means the effective promotion of public safety and reduction of juvenile crimes.


The life course viewpoint joins the effect of both short-term and long-term events on a person's life. For adolescents, education is a vital life situation. Given those specific foundations of social control can affect an individual distinctively, however, education can influence adolescents' delinquents by expanding social bonds in this manner building social capital conceivably bringing about a desistance from criminal conduct. Also, the best youth crime prevention programs are focused on suitably to addressing crime protective factors in various settings, and incorporate a few program like intervention and social programs that have been appeared to be more effecient.


Benson, Michael L (2013). Crime and the life course. New York, NY: Routledge

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