Intelligence and Self-defense in a WMD World

Inadequate knowledge about a possible adversary's intentions to build and use weapons of mass destruction (WMD) will result in an erroneous analysis and, as a result, bad policy judgments. Imperfect intelligence may subject the state to the misleading antics of a potential foe. (Russell, Howard, and Forest, 2007) As a result, satellite intelligence should be justified by human resource evidence to assure the supply of reliable intelligence on which right analysis and policy measures are based.  It is appropriate for a state to adopt military action to defend herself from external aggression if the attack is likely. Military action in self-defense must be executed in good faith and the intelligence about the impeding danger or attack must be accurate. The principle of eminence is a necessary requirement for military action to be taken in self-defense. (Forest, James & Howard, Russell, 2007) The use of force is only justified if any delay to act would compromise the ability of the country to adequately defend herself against the anticipated attack (when it occurs). Before resorting to use of force, proper assessment must be done about the nature of the expected attack, the capability of the aggressor and the imminence.

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Inaccurate information on a potential enemy's intentions in assembling and using weapons of mass destruction (WMD) will lead to a flawed analysis and consequently poor policy decisions. Imperfect intelligence may render the state folly to the deceptive antics of the potential adversary's antics. (Forest, James & Howard, Russell, 2007) Satellite intel should, therefore, be justified by human resource evidence to ensure delivery of accurate intelligence upon which correct analysis and policy measure is Adopted.


Forest, James & Howard, Russell. (2007). Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism.

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