Indicator of Work Motivation

My Performance and Job Orientation

My performance in class and in comparison to the worldwide average yielded really positive outcomes. There is no disagreement because I am convinced that I have everything necessary for an encouraging work performance. About the job orientation scenario, the perception of how a person observes the employment situation and makes a decision is a vital element in the future effort that one puts into it to succeed. It is a legitimate case to deduce that a significant population work for money and I am not an exception. People must make ends meet, and one way towards that is to secure oneself a satisfying and well-paying job.

Preferences in Job and Career Orientation

The results indicate that regarding job and career orientation, I take a significant need. Primarily, I prefer a job situation that doesn’t conflict with my personal life. The reasoning behind this emanates from the fact that many people prefer having a fine line between what they work for and the motivations involved. In such a case, being in a place where there is no conflict with family values serves me a great motivation to work for the best of the premise and myself. All in all, I also work to move the ladder into management as stagnating in one job situation makes everything boring.

Assessment Results Compared to Others

How do your assessment results align with others in your demographic group who have taken the assessment?


The greatest note of the outcome of this assessment is that I take a significant lead when compared to the others in my demographic group. For instance, in the issue concerning job orientation, I score 17 while the class average is 13. On the same case, the global average is 14.01 which is an accurate reflection that I coincide with what a majority of the global image scores. Sincerely, the score is somewhat surprising to me since even if I work to benefit from the rewards that the employers give, I do not necessarily work for money across all situations. There are some cases that there is an exemption such as issues to do with charity or when the company wants to meet a deadline in tasks in place as a way to move ahead. As such, I can work for free although it depends on the situation.

However, the most pleasant part regards career orientation score (15) compared to the class score of 14.40 while the global score is 15.25. I see my work as a path to success, and I give priority to everything that can make me succeed. Regarding calling orientation score, the results (15) compared to the class score of 14.60, and, the global score of 15.34 are somewhat in concurrence with my priorities about work. It is life and profoundly meaningful to whom I am. As such, it has not to do with just making money but making me proud of myself and give me an opportunity to motivate and transform others.

Meaningful Aspects and Reflection

As you reflect on the facets of the results or the commentary provided in the results, what is most meaningful and important to you? Which is less meaningful? Explain your decision.


Undoubtedly, all the three notes are crucial regarding my perception of the job premises and the people I work with. However, the most important have all to do with calling orientation. In my opinion, which is an objective as well, it is crucial to have a satisfying career. Work should be important to you not only because you earn your daily bread from it but also it adds meaning to who you are. In such a case, it should positively define you in a way that there is a significant level of pride with its association. With that in mind, I always handle with care and appreciate every attribute, individual and decision that can make me improve at all times.

Per contra, the least important element involves job orientation. Although I score higher than the class and global average, it is somehow dissatisfying. I work for money, and I respect personal life. However, it is not the principal reason behind being at work. In other words, the job situation has to be satisfying and helping in my career development before I make the amount I earn from it a consideration.

Using the Information for Professional Development

How will I use this information to further my professional development?


With no doubt, the results will help me to address three critical areas concerning personal development. Firstly, it is a case that will assist in reassessing my priorities as far as job situation is concerned. For instance, with such a high score in job orientation, it is evident that money is a motivation to work, but I have to evaluate on which bases in a way to avoid missing significant opportunities. Secondly, the stats will help me to address my weak areas such as the preferences that I have which can demoralize others. Above all, I will use it to identify the essential elements in others and how I can help them to reach my level as far as critical factors such as calling orientation that factors satisfaction is concerned.


Summary Paragraph:


The assessment is interesting and makes one thoughtful. Although they can be dissatisfying regarding the issue with job orientation, they are not deceiving in any way. The results are an accurate picture of what I am good at as well as giving an idea of where I should improve. With that in mind, I will use them for individual improvement as well as work together with my mates in a way to ensure we are at the same but productive and satisfying level. There is no need for such discrepancies as far as people are working together.

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