Ideology and Terror: A Novel Form of Government

The author of the paper "Ideology and Terror: A Novel Form of Government" focuses on revealing that terror is a key aspect in the totalitarian administration's perspective. Arendt also claims that this tragedy is the result of ideology.
The form of dread addressed in this context appears to outweigh fear, as seen by the authoritarianism that ruled numerous countries throughout the twentieth century. Totalitarianism, unlike other types of administration that oppress the society, builds a system that transcends borders. Also, lots of individuals tend to mistake the above administration with dictatorship and tyranny since the implementation of totalitarianism must start with autocracy to lift law boundaries (Arendt 476).


This article has primarily supported two values, that is, protection of the rights and empowerment of the community. Arendt argues that individuals need to be allowed freedom of undertaking ethical and legal exercises. In the view of offering authority, the citizens should be provided with necessary support to venture into their favorite businesses. The nature of human being is to show resistance while subjected to transformations but the excellent form of living a free life would be accepting and adapting introduced changes. Arendt rows that the best government is the one involving majorities in making political decisions and it should also exclude cases of dictatorship since this act violate people’s rights. This content is compelling since Arendt is apparently relating her arguments with current political issues where most governments are applying tyranny of numbers to pass laws that favor their interests (Arendt 472). However, this article and the context, “The Guardian: Totalitarianism in the Age of Trump” have the same theme of encouraging terror-based issues.

The Guardian: Totalitarianism in the Age of Trump: Lesson from Hannah Arendt

Thesis: The totalitarianism form of government has been applied in the United States almost in all regimes.

Evidence for Writer’s Argument

Hannah denotes that the totalitarianism and the current situation of the US are not intricate in the similar complexity of myths and tropes as anti-Semitism. There initially, the American state was having various demonstrations and strikes where the community members were fighting for their rights, and presently people are still using protests as a particular idiom of cohesion.


This author is promoting values such as totalitarianism and capitalism. The capitalism is a form of political and economic system where private owners monitor the national industry and trade for personal gains instead of the community being controlled by the state. Conversely, totalitarianism refers to a dictatorial regime that is centralized and needs complete subservience to the country. The human nature as indicated in this context is that people always demand to be treated reasonably hence they prefer the government not to exercise dictatorship since the community members have their freedoms and responsibilities. The best form of the state is the one which does not oppress its community based on sexes. Moreover, Arendt suggests that the individuals who don’t fight for their interest are suited to participate in politics since they will ascertain the equal distribution of resources. Similarly, the capitalists should not be excluded from the politics since they will enact biased laws which favor their businesses. Indeed, this article is persuasive since it shows how totalitarianism and capitalism are highly practiced in the current governments. This article and the above context are all supporting terror acts as they ensure the country is safe (Arendt).

Works Cited

Arendt, Hannah. "Ideology and terror: A novel form of government." The Review of Politics 15.3 (1953): 461- 479.

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