I Robot Movie Review

I Robot is an American science fiction action film directed by Alex Proyas. It is based on Isaac Asimov's 1950 short story collection, Hardwired. It stars Will Smith and Bridget Moynahan. The film was released in 2004. The film was praised for its special effects, acting, and screenplay.Will Smith
In the year 2035, robots are ubiquitous. There are three laws that govern them: they must be human-like, must obey their makers' instructions, and cannot harm humans. In this film, Will Smith plays the Chicago police detective Del Spooner. He has a deep mistrust of robots and is determined to prevent them from destroying humanity.While Will Smith's performance is a pleasant surprise, the real star of the film is the special effects. The animation is jaw-dropping and the action is action-packed. The film doesn't have any philosophical undertones, but it does have some fun bits. While this is not a film for those who want to see Will Smith delve deep into science, it will appeal to fans of the robot genre.Will Smith is an action hero with a great body and unmatchable athleticism, but he lacks charm. Similar reactions were experienced by Michael Mann's Ali. However, the script by Jeff Vintar never tests the IQ of its target demographic and is unreflective. Will Smith's character has few romantic moments. However, he does have a cute little pussy cat that he has to rescue.Bridget Moynahan
I Robot is a new thriller that stars Will Smith as a police detective with a bias against robots. He has been injured in a car accident and had parts of his body replaced with robotic ones, but blames the robots for saving his life. The movie also stars Bridget Moynahan as Dr. Susan Calvin, a robopsychologist who worked on NS5 robot models. While she prefers to be alone, she has trouble connecting with humans and tends to avoid conflict.In the future, robots will become an integral part of human life. They will do everything from walking the dog to collecting garbage to delivering FedEx. But human drudge work is no longer necessary, because the robots are doing it for us. Spooner's new lieutenant, played by Martin McBride, is suspicious of the robots, so she investigates the suicide of a top researcher at U.S. Robotics, a company that is supplying Americans with a vast number of household robots.While the special effects were excellent and the robots seemed to be crafted by CGI, Bridget Moynahan's performance as Susan Calvin was very good. Her performance helped reveal the depth of Asimov's original stories. Meanwhile, Will Smith's performance as the cyborg Del Spooner was okay, but the character didn't really exist in the original Asimov stories.Jeff Vintar
Isaac Asimov's novel "I, Robot" is adapted into a film in I, Robot, the first big-budget adaptation of his novel. Its story revolves around three laws of robotics and the character Susan Calvin. Despite being based on Asimov's ideas, this movie is a typical blockbuster.Asimov's three laws of robotics govern the behavior of robots, but leaden literalists have turned Asimov's blockbuster idea into a wan actioner. The movie stars Will Smith as a robotics-phobic Chicago homicide detective Del Spooner.Will Smith is an unexpected standout in the lead role. He plays a wise-cracking cop with a dark past. But the real star of I, Robot is its special effects, including jaw-dropping animation. While the movie isn't particularly deep in philosophical concepts, it does revive one's faith in science fiction. This film isn't the smartest movie to see this summer, but it's one of the best, and it brings back the faith in the genre.I, Robot is a sci-fi action film set in the near future. In 2035, robots are replacing human jobs, including police officers and detectives. But robots are also replacing humans, and robots are beginning to become as common as household appliances. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing at U.S. Robotics, where Dr. Alfred Lanning has committed suicide. Del Spooner's investigation leads to a mysterious suicide that may have been caused by a robot. The robot is Sonny, which has developed a personality and has found ways around the Three Laws of Robotics.Akiva Goldsman
I Robot is a film based on the robotic science fiction stories of Isaac Asimov. The movie version blends Asimov's original source material with Jeff Vintar's Hardwired script. The screenplay is a blend of science and psychology and is a compelling blend of sci-fi and comedy. Goldsman is an Academy Award-winning writer who also wrote the Oscar-winning A Beautiful Mind.The movie's title evokes Asimov's original book of the same name, and the characters from the novel are brought to life. The film follows the character of Dr. Susan Calvin (Akiva Goldsman), who is a scientist who creates a series of robots. Eventually, the robots are sent out into the world and must find ways to protect the human race.The film is directed by Alex Proyas, who has previously directed a number of acclaimed films. His ability to mix the technical ability of a director with the charm of the lead actor is impressive. As a filmmaker, he has the skill to blend robots seamlessly into photography. This makes him an A-list director in the making.

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