Honesty, accountability, and modesty

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There is a set of values that a person must be able to adhere to at all times in life. These social principles serve as a set of guidelines for an individual’s actions and define how he or she interacts with other members of society. In my opinion, there are three attributes that are important in my day-to-day life. Responsibility, honesty, and modesty are a few of the values that I hold dear. These characteristics have often driven how I interact with other members of my group. People who possess the three traits are almost certain to be liked and respected by their peers. The situation is right because a guided connection with people is paramount to the success of any individual. In the current society where we live in, there are hardly individuals who still bother about the social values. The situation is because most of the people are led by their quest for more wealth that humanity has become a thing of the past. In most of their undertakings for example in business operations, cheating and extortion have become the order of the day. There have emerged cases where some individuals have come up with fake products and robbed the consumers of their hard earned money.
The cases of pride and dishonesty are at its peak in the current society. People go about bragging about their worth and what they are capable of doing. Such behaviors have led to the various social ills frequently witnessed in the community among the residents.

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