Hispanic community

The Hispanic population in the United States

The Hispanic population in the United States accounts for around 16% of the total population. Our neighborhood has experienced a slew of challenges, including a lack of insurance coverage, high illiteracy rates, poverty, and diverse cultural beliefs. Clinical research results in improved health care services. The Rosswurm and Larrabee conceptual framework (1999), evidence-based nursing practice (EBNP), has developed a paradigm to enable research findings to be transformed into functioning policies. The model application is divided into several sub-sections, which include:

Hispanics' Dissatisfaction with the Patient-Centered Approach

Several Hispanics have expressed dissatisfaction with the patient-centered approach. They deserve a holistic approach that has ingrained their cultural values of simpatia (kindness), respect (respect), personalismo (friendliness) link problem intervention outcomes. Language barrier leads to poor history taking hence possible misdiagnosis. Better communication leads to better understanding of the patient disease.

Synthesize the Best Evidence using a Systematic Literature Search Index

Synthesize the best evidence using a systematic literature search index where relevant studies can be looked up and comparisons made. The team does a literature review and the articles chosen are then compared to the nurse clinical researcher evidence (Rosswurm & Larrabee, 1999).

Design Practice Change

Design practice change: At a suitable venue, deliberations includes using early warning scoring system that can have a significant decrease in mortality of Hispanic patients. The listen, explain, acknowledge, recommend, negotiate (LEARN) communication model can be integrated into new policies since it favors the Hispanic population which responds better to personalized care (Pipe et al.,2005).

Implement and Evaluate the Change in Practice

Implement and evaluate the change in practice: A reliance on communication model and scoring chats can lower mortality. The LEARN model ensures the patient embraces the western medicine.

Integrate and Maintain the Change in Practice

Integrate and Maintain the Change in Practice: The nursing practice is a dynamic one, so if better techniques come to light clinically, they will undergo the above process. The Hispanic community and the nurses stand to gain a lot from the nursing practice.


Pipe, T. B., Wellik, K. E., Buchda, V. L., Hansen, C. M., & Martyn, D. R. (2005). Implementing evidence-based nursing practice. Urologic nursing, 25(5), 365.

Rosswurm, M. A., & Larrabee, J. H. (1999). A model for change to evidence‐based practice. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 31(4), 317-322.

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