Harriet Tubman Life and Achievements

This essay describes Harriet Tubman's life and achievements.

It covers Her early years, marriage to John Tubman, anti-slavery activism, and service during the civil war. For further reading, check out the links below. Also, don't forget to read our biography on Tubman's life. It is a must-read! You will be amazed! Moreover, you will learn about the history of slavery in the United States.

Harriet Tubman's early life

If you've ever wondered about the enslaved woman's early life, you're not alone. Approximately half a million people are unaware of her life. While her parents struggled to keep her family together, she managed to overcome a traumatic disability and develop a formidable skill set as a lumberjack, fieldworker, and hunter. Her determination, faith, and work ethic would be invaluable during her turbulent life and later in her adulthood.

As a young woman, Harriet Tubman was born into chattel slavery and was hired out as a woodcutter and pest trapper by her white mistress at age 10. While working on the plantation, she developed a love of field work and quickly developed the skill sets she needed to be a successful fugitive. Her success led to a violent exchange between her overseer and a fugitive slave, during which she sustained serious injuries.

Her marriage to John Tubman

There are many aspects of Harriet's life that make her the story we know today. Her marriage to free Black man John Tubman in 1844 was a crucial event for her life. Tubman was also a free man who did not share her vision of a better life. However, his marriage to Tubman made history. Read this article to discover why her marriage to Tubman was so important.

In 1840, Tubman's father married another enslaved woman, Minty Ross. While Tubman and John were born free people, her parents were enslaved by Edward Brodess. Her mother had six children, and she was the fifth. The family likely hired out the older children to whites in the area. Harriet Tubman was left to care for younger siblings.

Her antislavery activism

The antislavery activism of Harriet Tubman helped hundreds of black Americans gain freedom. She was considered a radical and a terrorist during the nineteenth century. Today, we see her role in the Civil Rights Movement as an inspiring example of human dignity. However, her actions were not without controversy. Several historians question the validity of the claim that she was the only person who worked against slavery. The real question is, what was the motivation for her antislavery activism?

The earliest record of Harriet Tubman's antislave activism dates back to when she was a young tenant. She was twelve years old when she began to demonstrate her opposition to slavery. She resisted beatings by an enslaved man and was hit in the head by a two-pound weight. She never fully recovered from her injury and suffered from chronic headaches. She often fell into deep sleep to avoid pain.

Her service in the civil war

While her role in the war was more limited than her involvement with the Underground Railroad, Tubman was an important member of the Union Army. She was a spy, scout, nurse, and guerilla soldier. She used her unique skills to gain information about enslaved African Americans and to watch Confederate troop movements, ammunition depots, and supply lines. In addition to her spying duties, Tubman also took part in several abolitionist movements.

After the war, Tubman returned to Auburn, NY, where she married a Civil War veteran. She had some difficulties securing a government pension, but in the 1880s she was finally awarded one. As she sought patrons, she took up the cause of women's suffrage. This is a great testament to the tenacity and devotion of this amazing woman.

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