Gun Control Paper

Approximately eighty one million Americans legally own guns. However, 60% of the Democrats and 30% of Republicans advocate for stronger gun manage policies that will be vital in the mitigation of violent crimes such as mass shootings that have in the past been stated across the country. State gun laws in the country differ depending on the regions where they are imposed. In as tons as gun control may be instrumental in the reduction of crime rates, the stricter policies may hardly be successful. Guns hardly kill, however it’s the person holding the weapon that is reliable for the killings.
Argument in opposition to gun control
Implementation of strict gun control policies may now not be workable due to various reasons. First and foremost, there will be a rise in the black markets where individuals will easily acquire the weapons at affordable prices. There will also be potentially new industries that will produce guns with the law enforcement officers’ recognition, and there will be no trace on the number of arms that will be sold to persons in various parts of the country. Some people will alter information on background checks with the aim of circumnavigating the set regulations (Fisanick 57). Apparently, this implies that incorporation of the laws will only but contributes to the rise in gun violence.
Self-defense is a right that every person across the U.S. has to enjoy. According to the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action, the right to bear arms is a fundamental right that is protected by the U.S. Constitution. After the 2015 San Bernardino attack that led to the loss of 14 innocent lives, most of those persons against the strict gun control regulations argued that several lives would have been saved if the people in the Inland Regional Centre had arms at their possession. From a bigger picture, this implies that implementation of laws may hardly be an essential measure aimed at addressing gun violence. Giving people the freedom to own arms may be vital in cementing their self-defense (Lott 34). Law abiding citizens, with legally acquired guns may help in the prevention of terror attacks or gun violence.
In as much as gun control has contributed to the reduction in gun violence in several regions around the world, it has hardly changed the conditions of the heart. The lack of respect for the value of human life is one of the primary reasons that contribute to the occurrence of violent gun crimes (Braga, Anthony and David 56). Individuals will still look for alternative weapons such as knives, machetes or grenades that they will use in committing violent crimes. The city of Chicago has in the last two decades reported crimes related to guns and other weapons, yet it had imposed a ban on handguns (Guarino Web). Proper gun training programs have to be implemented that will be vital in ensuring that masses are educated on gun safety (Schatz Web).
Arguments for gun control
Strict gun control will play a critical role in the reduction of criminal activities in the country committed by arms. On a bigger picture, this implies that the number of guns will significantly reduce as a result of tight policies, violent crimes will decline, and the society will be a safer place to live (Fisanick 87). Homicides and suicides will be on the decline due to the lack of gun conveniences.
Over 50% of the mass shootings in the U.S. results from legally purchased firearms. Access to guns also contributes to an enhancement in risks of violence and accidental injuries. Implementation of stringent regulations on legal purchased may be essential in the mitigation of mass shootings and risks of homicides.
Based on the above argument, it is evident that arguments against gun control outweigh those arguments for the regulations. Implementation of stricter laws is hardly a solution for the mitigation of gun violence. Banning guns in one region may lead to the rise in black-market that supply the product to illegal persons. Full background checks have to be conducted to ensure that the guns hardly fall into the wrong hands.

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