Globalization and Women

The Impact of Globalization on Women

As the creator of the article presents it, the answer to the query is dependent on what one means by using saying; globalization, good, and which women they are talking about. The three are unbiased variables but which when brought collectively under various conditions, end result in some influence.

The author, however, takes a stance that globalization as much as it has made the world habitable is nevertheless not suitable for all women. What has made the world unsuitable for girls may not always be globalization itself, but rather the penalties of the neoliberal manner in which the "organization," as the world is referred to, is governed. There are some questions which globalization has raised in the recent past which may not require the obvious approach to handling, but a more sophisticated and designed mode to ensure inclusivity of all gender, ages, races, among other aspects of humanity (Jaggar 299). There should, therefore, be an alternative mode of globalization apart from what is currently in existence which can be suitable and good for all women and children as well as men.

Definition and Regulation of Globalization

From the article, Globalization has been defined as the rapid acceleration at which integration of both local and national economies into a single unit, referred to as global market, occurs (Jaggar 300). The single global market is regulated by an international body called the World Trade Organization (WTO). Globalization is not a new thing as it started very long time ago. There has been international travel, exchange of cultures and trade has existed for as long as the humanity (Jaggar 300). The current globalization, however, is being given credit for managing to shape the world especially in the last millennium where trade and travels occurred. Many of the capitalists from the North America and Europe were exploring the world to pursue new resources as well as markets for their items.

The Concept of the Good Life

On the other hand, what is good gives an answer to the ancient philosophical question about the nature of a good life. The good life has been a dream of almost everyone including Christians and the European Enlightened groups (Staggar 303). The nature of good life is characterized by mutual responsibility, common security, shared concern, and unity of purpose. What is good for humanity advocates for; peace, prosperity, democracy, environmental protection, an end to racism and ethnocentrism, and finally enhancement of women's power.

Women's Rights and Neoliberal Globalization

As much as the advocacies of what is good do not directly mention women, their design and formulation borrow a lot from the feminist way of thinking. It is recognized that women are unable to thrive when there is no peace, prosperity, healthy environment, democracy, prosperity, and respect for the cultural and social diversities (Staggar 309). The human rights for women so far have been very successful in addressing the most prominent women's civil and political rights. Such rights include; freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, liberty, and rights to participate in politics. These are considered primary rights of women which mainly are meant for protecting them from their governments. Besides the above arguments, there are another set of women's rights, termed "the second generation" rights, and they include; education, work, well-being, good standard of living, and family (Jaggar 311). These rights are being used by feminists to challenge the several aspects of neoliberal globalization.


In conclusion, it is true that globalization as it today still does impact positively on the lives of women and their children. There are myriad abuses and challenges which women still undergo due to their economic vulnerabilities. These challenges are however linked almost directly to the implication of neoliberal globalization which has failed to recognize women. The topic, in this case, is relevant in the contemporary world where regardless of the many efforts organizations and governments are putting in place to achieve inclusivity of both men and women in economic, political, and social development, there is still little accomplished. The whole idea still looks like a pipe dream.

Work Cited

Jaggar, Alison M. "Is globalization good for women?" Comparative Literature 53.4 (2001): 298-314.

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