From Anger to Peace

There is never a shortage of emotionally charged and visual examples of enormous inhumanity. Indeed, the myriad issues that erode peace between countries and diverse people have grown so common that both governments and the general public have become self-righteous or sedentary (Tolchin & Tolchin, 2007). This situation has given extremists the opportunity to manipulate state issues through manipulative politics. Furthermore, the wave of hatred has swept the entire world to such an extent that groups have sprung out in aggressive defense of their beliefs, religion, political methods, and even culture. Therefore, there is a severe feeling in every country, community and almost all religions that war, torture, exploration, humiliation, futility, and fear are the typical ways of life.

The amplifiers of such hatred, cynical politics and the negative state of mind that all result in anger and the need for vengeance is in the various countries all over the world. Include the modern technology involving the use of internet and television to spread either malicious statements or show acts of dangerous extremists to lure others into the same. Secondly, the modern weaponry makes it more lethal because every country feels like either testing the new and powerful weapon on another or they feel like they have enough to win any war hence intensifies the hatred. Such modern weaponry includes the rocket launchers and dreaded nuclear weapons that lead to mass destruction and killing of property and people.

The anger that burns in nations against nations is mostly sourced from the economic disparities between the countries, the cultural and religious wars that have their roots deep in history, and also the deep feeling of humiliation and defeat after every battle. Therefore, for the nations, different communities with their cultures and religions to curb and diffuse this destructive and distractive anger, there should be measures taken against the causes of the same (Tolchin & Tolchin, 2007). For instance, both the government and the public that are involved or affected by the wars should avoid taking the self-righteous stances and merge to condemn the wars to stop tactically. The public should be ready to denounce any government that humiliates a particular group or community for any reason to avoid anger and divisions that ultimately results in war.

The censoring of any humiliating acts that are done against any group, religion, country or even cultural practices enables everyone to share the sense of unity and protection without any regard to one's nation, religion or cultural beliefs. Concisely, in an environment where all people feel safe, there ceases to be anger. Another proposal to diffuse the anger is the control of what is accessed through the internet and television. There should be a body that regulates whatever that is read or watched in the said media. This act will thwart any efforts made to humiliate any group or country hence cutting the flow of negative feelings into such groups. Besides, the misuse of weapons should be brought to book by the United Nations in case any country does the same. Pointedly, there should be respect for every culture to end the cultural wars that have existed from time memorial (Tolchin & Tolchin, 2007). Furthermore, the unilateral and provocative policies that are held by different governments like those that inspire the bizarre notion of anti-Americanism should be abolished because they bring a feeling of humiliation to some victims that get angry and seek vengeance in war.


Tolchin M. &Tolchin S. (2007). A World Ignited (7th ED). Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

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