Essays on Quantitative Research

Qualitative and Quantitative research

Research Methodologies: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches For research to yield useful findings, information must be gathered and evaluated. The two main study methodologies are quantitative and qualitative approaches. An method to research called qualitative research emphasizes the thorough and in-depth gathering of data. The method is descriptive and centers on a...

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Business Quantitative Techniques

Quantitative procedures are strategies that bring insight into decision making through systematic and powerful study of quantitative data. 2011 (Vineethan). The empirical paradigm is a phenomena in which data is utilized to assume cause and effect linkages; it has a substantial impact on quantitative studies. Thus, quantitative procedures are founded...

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Image classifications

Utilization of Spectral Information in Image Categorization The utilization of quantitative spectral information present in images is used in image categorization. The information should be connected to the target surface's conditions or compositions. Image analysis can be performed on both hyperspectral and multispectral imagery. Understanding how objects and materials of interest...

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Can Qualitative and Quantitative Data be Used Together in Research Findings?

To address multiple difficulties, qualitative and quantitative data might be blended within a single inquiry. With convergent techniques, for example, both types of data are collected with the ultimate goal of verifying the findings. It requires simultaneously documenting both qualitative and quantitative features, a side-by-side criterion that allows qualitative data...

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Research Article Appraisal Assignment instructions

To complete your appraisal of a qualitative or quantitative research article related to answering your WK 1 PICOT question statement, use the table structure shown below. In the table below, enter your appraisal information after the Necessary Element / Feedback. Comments A qualitative OR quantitative nursing research study article (not a systematic...

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A Proposal of Methodology

All research projects entail investigations In order to do a significant amount of research, the study needs to be planned out in advance. The choice of a method to be employed during the investigation and the steps that will be done throughout the examination of the research topic are both considered...

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