Essays on Jean Piaget

Development of Child

At the childhood level, the learning potential of a child increases and thus reacts to the environment. Children are still struggling to know more about the world's events and why such things happen. The capacity of a child to act, think and communicate develops concurrently, and a child's cognitive growth...

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Table of Cognitive Development

This is the first stage of Piaget's intellectual growth, in which schemes are focused primarily on people's insights and activities. This stage also starts at birth for approximately 2 years (Ormrod 29). In this scenario, Ormod (29) states that the children cannot think about the things they use. Indeed, children...

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Human Development Stages

Psychological growth continues from infancy to puberty until adulthood. Although several studies have been carried out, the theory of Jean Piaget offers an informative study of each point (Pressley & McCormick, 2006). He carried out a critical study of the cognitive actions of children and developed a theory that summed...

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