Development of Child

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At the childhood level, the learning potential of a child increases and thus reacts to the environment. Children are still struggling to know more about the world’s events and why such things happen. The capacity of a child to act, think and communicate develops concurrently, and a child’s cognitive growth occurs subsequently. In addition, there are shifts in a child’s way of thinking. The cognitive evolution of a child goes through four steps, according to Piaget’s theory. The phases include the sensor motor, the pre-operational process, the concrete operation and the official operation. During the developmental stage of children, they are bound to make a lot of mistakes and Piaget argues that the mistakes which children do are because they are active and always try to control things in their surroundings. Piaget’s theory further suggests that cognitive development of a child is a prerequisite to the concepts of learning and children always learn through the processes of reflection, accommodation and assimilation. One fact which cannot be against is that the cognitive development of a child is more superior on the people than on the inanimate objects.
The physical reactions of a child are a symbol of the way the brain progressively develops and works. Therefore, all the aspects of a child’s cognition which include perceiving the world, performing physical skills, reading, writing and expressing emotions as anger and happiness depend on the active development of the brain. In conclusion, it is important to note that cognitive development of a child depends on the assimilation and the accommodation which will help a child remain at equilibrium. The assimilation involves the ability of a child to add information to the already existing brain structure while accommodation is the modification which takes place in a child’s mind to master additional information.

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