Framework for Reflection by Gibbs

Gibbs System for Reflection is the best method to use (1988). The framework is important to analytical thought, according to McGregor & Cartwright (2011, p. 230), because it provides a straightforward picture of a situation in which one lives. In addition, the context can examine the emotions and experiences that occur in a situation and can navigate similar circumstances in the future. The reflective period was found in the frame of Gibbs as a useful method for thought in the different phases of the hotel experience of the party. This paper applies the Gibbs Framework as follows:Description of the eventI am working as a group leader in a group that was delegated the duty of doing a survey of a hotel. The group was supposed to check the hotel's books of account, the building, kitchen, and finally, have an interview with the staff. The whole group was expected to take part in the exercise as to be able to help the hotel improve its operations. On the first day, the group spent the night at the hotel as part of the exercise and getting an experience of the operations. I was part of the group taking part in ensuring the functioning of the group. As part of the group, I started planning and delivering my part of the group’s expectations.The incident took place in Junction hotel during an evening session where I was due to spend the night at the hotel’s rooms. The staff at the hotel were to deliver excellent services as I was taking part in the exercise as a mystery shopper exercise. The staff welcomed me into the hotel with courtesy and they were very friendly. However, the staff at the hotel were slow in how they offered their services and also the type of technology that they used was not reliable as they had misplaced some of the information on the group members. The billing machine was also not reliable and we had to walk back to the reception area to pay the accommodation bills.I am part of the group that is in charge of providing appropriate knowledge and help the business to improve their operations by motivating the staff. As the team leader, I have the role in delivering excellent master class assistant to the Junction Hotel according to the needs and wants of the business.Feelings and Thoughts (Self-awareness)I currently do not hold the relevant knowledge in delivering this kind of assignments since I lack the experience. Therefore, I was feeling that I lack the techniques needed in the survey. In addition, I had the feeling that as a team leader I need to learn more on how to conduct the survey and how to lead the team in delivering the desired results. My thoughts were to develop my skills and sharpen them in areas such as assessment and constructive feedback, designing relevant survey materials which the group members could use and update them where necessary, and finally know the techniques important for the survey.The situation that was present at the hotel made me feel like giving up on the survey assignment. I was saddened and upset by the state of things especially the delivery of service by the staff. Furthermore, the technology used in the hotel was out dated and this made the operations move slowly. I was discouraged in moving forward as the group leader. However, my group members were determined in achieving the results of the assignment and they made me feel motivated. They were able to encourage me in fulfilling the assignment. I have come to think of the feelings that I had at the start of the assignment and I have realized that it is a natural happening and I was nervous as I am not used to leading a group and also that I had no experience in the survey assignments.EvaluationThe assignment was very good as I was able to gain quality experience in the field. The assignment shaped my leadership techniques, it gave me a sense of motivation, helped me learn about surveying and designing strategies, and finally on how to deliver effectively. These new skills and knowledge are very important in my future career as they equip me with skills on delivering and dealing with other people. My course has two main objectives that a learner is expected to learn. These are learning new skills and delivering the learned skills to the society.The group was also very important as we kept interacting and exchanging knowledge and skills. I have learned skills such as designing a survey strategy, creativity, role playing, and through the case study how to interact with different situations and how to fit a variety of people. In the group, there was encouragement among the members that each of the team members should articulate their ideas, skills, and also openly question ideas from other members. This helped in creating a social environment where great ideas were constructed and developed into solutions to the problems at hand. According to Fuller (2015, p. 32), active engagement among peers is vital as it leads to a deep learning where the students are able to understand concepts and the meaning of theories.AnalysisThe experiences in the survey assignment were great. However, at the start the assignment I felt it was hard to accomplish. At the end, we were able to improve the operations of the Junction Hotel through organized team work. I did the managing of the team well and I feel more proud as it seemed a difficult task, the opportunity served as a big learning opportunity. The team did a perfect job at accomplishing the set assignment. There were no mistakes in the handling of the assignment.Conclusion (Synthesis)One should learn more about the assignment that they are assigned to before they decide to undertake it. The study should focus on improving their creativity and the best practices that are relevant to the case study. Some of the things that I should have done differently include becoming courageous at leading the team since I was a team leader and was expected to be a role model to the rest of the team. I should have stood up for the team from the start even when I felt that the survey on the hotel was difficult to achieve. The main thing that I have learned from the case study is that relationship is important especially when handling assignments as a group. In addition, I have learned that it is important to always be able to express one's feelings such as nervousness.Action PlanIn future when I have the opportunity to be part of a group undertaking an assignment, I will ensure that I have prepared sufficiently to handle all the situations that may arise. In addition, the preparations are important as I will be able to benefit as much as I can from the assignment. According to Fuller (2015, p.86) relationships are very important in group assignments, therefore, in future, there is need to ensure I build a stronger relationship with the colleagues. It is also important to share the emotions that one has towards an assignment as this encourages team-teaching on how to adapt to the different situations that are present in the duration of the assignment so that to not feel pressurized as the group leader. There is need to keep constant communication with members of my group and get to know how they feel. This helps in learning more from them on how to handle the group. To improve the leadership skills training is important and therefore, I have enrolled in a workshop and I intend to attend it. I need to gain more confidence on group leading and this serves as a good start.

ReferencesFuller, C. P. (2015). Organizational culture: Leadership strategies, outcomes, and effectiveness. New York: Nova PublishersMcGregor, D., & Cartwright, L. (2011). Developing reflective practice: A guide for beginning teachers. Berkshire, England: Open University Press.

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