Fat Acceptance: A Basic Primer and Never Too Buff

Both Geissler, “Fat Acceptance: A Basic Primer” and Cloud’s, “Never Too Buff” are set in the American tradition and depict various ideas of the authors. Both articles have a lot of similarity in terms of the tones of the written work as nicely as audience and the setting of the narratives.
In “Fat Acceptance: A Basic Primer,” Geissler depicts an angry tone in his written work. He is residing in a native reserve far from home and misses home. Far from his family, he finds no aesthetic value mainly in the way the whites have ordered nature, with stiff palms stand and orange trees in the military rows. He is against the “beauty of captivity” as he has a firm affirmation that a pine in search of existence on a windy knoll appears more pleasing. Geissler resents the classes which were taught by the whites, whose main aim was to hear the students use the words they taught in class (“Fat Acceptance: A Basic Primer”). His writings appear remorseful and full of sadness, even as he flashes back his memory as he says he is inferior. He explains that the feeling of inferiority is disheartening especially to all men and it is also the gods are untrue. He grows mad after realizing that all the people who had betrayed him were actually buying Christmas gifts as they were trying to put up with the white standards.

“Never Too Buff” by John Cloud, on the other hand, carries the theme of working in the current society with the main objective being the impact on the world. Cloud explains the idea of body image and the way it has been abused towards the men and women in the current American society. He gets into the deeper statistics of the body image, eating, and appearance in relation to the reactions of the young men and women in the society. He explains the way men have become obsessive and annoying in the previous decades and the unreasonable an ideal body is.

In terms of money, Cloud has emphasized on the spending of men using the American currency per year through the acquisition of legal and prohibited commodities which help them to grow big (Cloud, 65). Most men are very ready to risk their health so that they can be displayed as slim models put on the billboards and make themselves more enticing to the ladies. This draws them to become more appealing fox sex and become disinterested in maintaining a healthy diet.

In both readings, the authors have illustrated a sad tone, with the theme of anger towards the world being prevalent. The authors see the world is going in the wrong direction and call for change so as to make the world a better place (Cloud, 66). Both excerpts carry the theme of aesthetic value, but Geissler talks of beauty in nature and the environment, while Cloud refers to the human beauty. Both readings are set in the American setting, with focus on the American people.

However, Geissler is disturbed by the activities of men and misses his home and family. The main theme in “Fat Acceptance” is beauty in the environment and the recklessness of human beings. Cloud, on the other hand, is more interested in natural beauty and is concerned with the way human beings have become reckless of their body shapes and diets.

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