farewell address by Washington

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In 1796, George Washington discovered that he was about to resign as president of the United States, and then made a farewell speech that acted as a message and a piece of advice to the Americans. George’s speech showed his concern for the protection, security and happiness of American citizens (Stephanopoulos, 2003).
Significant Matters
Washington told the Americans that the degree of solidarity among them decides their prosperity, security, liberty, democracy and peace. The President encouraged them to be wary of governments, political groups, and religions that endanger their solidarity, which can, in fact, lead to divisions (Malanson, 2010). He further expressed his appreciation of the new constitution and even encouraged people to improve the confederation articles. However, he cautioned the people of some selfish individuals who may try to amend the constitution and citizens should not allow it to happen unless they are assured it is for the interest of the people. George also gave his stand which happened to be neutral on the two political parties that emerged that is the Republican Party and the Democrat. He said that the ideological differences that brought rise to the parties is healthy, but the disagreement among them is not good and may lead to the government being weakened. George stressed that the opposition party is a threat to the government because it can make it difficult for the government to execute its mandate hence he encouraged that these parties should be controlled by government to avoid false alarms that the opposition may create the government. He went ahead to protect the constitution by encouraging the checks and balances systems and power separation which prevents selfish people from taking control of the government. The president as well stated that it is essential for the government to come up with a budget that addresses all needs of the country to avoid excessive borrowing. On the issue of debts, he encouraged the government to pay its debt in time. He also urged people to pay taxes willingly, and there should be an agreement on the items to be taxed however the government should not take advantage and overtax people (Malanson, 2010).

Finally, George talked of alliance formation by warning people against having close and strong political ties with other nations (Yale Law School, 2016).America having strong political ties with other nations meant that her role in the world would be lost. America was viewed as a role model for other nations and her decisions were embraced hence George used this ground to warn on fewer partnerships with other nations.

The contemporary government

According to Wolverton, (2016), some of the warnings given by Washington were not adhered to by the Americans, for instance, forming strong ties with other nations. America has a partnership with Europe’s political driven countries. George was against ammunition and military materials supply, but his warnings did not hinder the Americans from providing the Middle East with munitions in the formation of alliances.

George Washington’s warnings also affected the human rights and liberty in America. Some amendments have been abused such as the first, tenth and fourteenth. According to Wolverton (2016), the first clause has been abused, and it concerns freedom against discrimination of by the United States citizen. How Muslims are mistreated, and African Americans discriminated currently is prove of not adhering to this amendment. American citizens have been brainwashed and given a negative perception concerning Muslims by the political parties.


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