Extensive attention given to the adolescent sexuality


Despite the great attention paid to adolescent sexuality, multiple teenage pregnancies have been documented, leading to a nationwide epidemic. Following that, research questions were developed to aid in discovering the underlying cause of the problem.

Research Questions

The research questions included: What variables contribute to Texas's high teenage pregnancy rates? What are the social consequences of adolescent pregnancy for young adolescent mothers? How can Texas society raise awareness about teen pregnancy in order to aid young mothers without stigmatizing them? When compared to my findings, the study questions suggested that they were intended to address similar thematic concerns connected with the high rate of teenage pregnancy.

Research Method and Design

Under the research method and design, a quantitative research approach was employed by the study because the approach primarily focused on the objectivity and use of systematic procedures necessary for the measurement of human behavior (Sayegh et al., 2010). The use of formal and structured questionnaires was critical in capturing data from the respective correspondents. In comparison to my study findings, the use of structured questionnaires is evidential and critical in establishing concrete and objective facts that often contribute to the problems of teenage pregnancy. The descriptive study in this regard was necessary for gathering data about a phenomenon under investigation and was tailored in the same regard to obtaining only the relevant information needed.

Population Sampled

The population sampled consisted of 120 pregnant teenagers who had just started attending their antenatal care within the month of the research study. The selection criteria employed the use of probability and simple random sampling to ensure that every participant in the study was given equal opportunities. In this senses, the fish bowl technique was used to select all study participants. Data collection processes employed the use of structured questionnaires which consisted of 30 questions that were divided to address three sections which include, demographic data, factors contributing to teenage pregnancies, sexual behavior and societal perception of teenage pregnancies as contributes to societal stigmatization (Sayegh et al., 2010). The questions in the questionnaire were constructed to obtain only the objective data from the correspondents in the study who had met the selection criteria. The descriptive statistical analysis which includes a frequency table provided data according to the selected variables.

Data Analysis and Results

The data collected and subjected to statistical analysis indicated a strong positive correlation between the independent variables and the independent variables. The dependent variable in both cases was teen Pregnancy which was described as the pregnancy that takes places in females during the pre-adult stages of human life. The study is looked into the reasoning for the sporadically increasing rates of teenage pregnancy rates in Texas, United States. The independent variables included: sexual education, socio-economic status, Gender equality, availability of sex education, accessibility to healthcare services and exposure to unregulated media content (Sayegh et al., 2010). The conclusion found out that the positive associated with the variables lead to the problem under investigation. However, the study lacked the inclusion of extraneous variables.


Sayegh, M. A., Castrucci, B. C., Lewis, K., & Hobbs-Lopez, A. (2010). Teen pregnancy in Texas: 2005 to 2015. Maternal and child health journal, 14(1), 94.

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