Evictions at Sorority Raise issues of Bias

The text by Sam Dillion titled “Evictions at Sorority Raise issues of Bias” describes an incidence in which women are so disgusted through acts of discrimination in a study that they decided to quit from the research. The article outlines the rampant acts of bias that have been common in DePauw chapter of Newcastle where people had emerge as so fond of such acts. The author presents the varied view of the participants, typically women, who were victims of the abuse that was primarily based totally on one’s physical appearance. From the analysis of the text, the reader gets satisfied because of the author’s consideration of the role of the appeal to emotions.
The attraction to emotion id also called the pathos rhetorical appear and involves the author invoking pity and fear to the reader as they explore the story to convince them about the argument presented (I.S.U. Writing Center). In the text by Dillion, it is noted that the author presents the women as victims of circumstances and involved the aspect of fear that would automatically make them a vulnerable group. For example, the author writes “virtually everyone who didn’t fit a certain sorority member archetype was told to leave” (Dillion 516). As a result, there is a chance that the reader would feel the need to support the women because of the oppression. In fact, the author also writes that the researchers and lecturers were fond of such behavior, which only makes the reader become be pitiful of the characters and wish that a change is made.

Overall, therefore, the inclusion of the element of pathos ensures that the reader becomes focused only on the victims of circumstance.

Work Cited

Dillion, Sam. “Evictions at Soroti Raise Issue.” How does popular culture stereotype you? n. pag. Web.

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