Ethnic Studies

My worldview has changed really by taking this Ethnic Studies class. I spend much of my time in my room alone reading books and watching movies like "No" to apartheid, making me extremely sensitive. I was brought up in a nearby white and I still live in the City of New York City, while I am a South Asian woman. My family's environment never gave me any sense of ethnicity because I believed that everyone was formed in the image and likeness of God. Thus, rather than our skin colour, we should judge by our skill and vision. When deciding to read the following articles, I got a high expectation based on the topics such as _x0093_Women Empowerment_x0094_ and _x0093_Say no to feminism_x0094_ Before reading and analyzing the articles, for the time that I was to gain a new perspective about myself.
I have learned that among the social factors that highly influence the feminism differences were race, discrimination based on colour from whites Moreover, I did not know that people are treated based on their ethnical background until I took the initiative to work in a hotel. Hence, I started observing all the white families who enjoyed all the privileges given by the hotel without experiencing any discrimination whereas other races were treated differently. At such moments I wish I was born in a more diverse state that include different cultures, religions, believes among others that show respect and love for mankind. Although, with all my perspective and values, I believe that mob violence is not the best way to solve the problems, so I prefer a peaceful dialogue in producing the best solution (Yuval- Davis, 2006).
I also grasped that a number of African- American intellectuals were involved politically and make people understand their policies(Yuval- Davis, 2006).
. It was due to the decline in slavery and colonization, I changed my focus. Furthermore, I realized how diverse and intellectual the black community is since one
cannot just view African-Americans in terms of race, as we have perceive them in terms of sexuality, class, and gender. This information becomes interesting for me since I have always advocated my rights. Besides, I always feel intimidated whenever one of my rights is violated and taken for granted.
What I learned from my articles, particularly from Revisiting Intersectionality, is that ethnical differences can cause a civil war. There were the times when the women were in unity as they fought for respect and recognition either through halls of justice or by culture means (Locke). I have immediately remembered the films where I watched negative aspects about Africa. Besides, I could not comprehend what I saw, when people were killing each other, displacing the communities of different background all due to ethnicity differences. Analyzing the date of film release film, it was difficult to believe that all these events happen in a modern world in 2007. I found the act very primitive, because I admit that human lives should be respected and only God is allowed to take lives (Collins,2000)
Furthermore, I agree that _x0093_Until the art of discrimination based on feminism compels recognition they will not be rated._x0094_ . As there was a change from only men in political seats to equality in the political seats as women who were motivated, sophisticated, educated and more involved in political activities. Consequently, an organization such as the Pan African Movement has been held with an aim to discuss colonial questions, race issues and the world in general (Collins,2000)
Basically, I was ignorant of Africans feelings and vision, as I always believed that Africans could not govern themselves that was the reason of their colonization. Lately, I have clearly understood that Africans are brave people and bear leadership skills same as the whites, could successfully lead their nation by themselves. Therefore, I started appreciating and respecting all the races regardless of their ethnical background. One thing that I did not know before was the difference between immigration and emigration. For instance, it was very difficult to become a US citizen because of the burdensome procedures other races had to endure. I experienced the situation on a first-hand level since I had many close friends from another part of the world. I admired them since I did love the way African _x0096_American formed the organization to present their rights since I appreciated the equality to all people whether black or white as all races should be treated equally.
I have also noted that such Universe phenomenon as ethnicity is consciousness of difference which is an exact opposite from the much recognized rising tide of colour (Collins,2000)
. According to my perspective, it is very true since most Africans whom we work with at the hotel had to start from the low paying jobs like washing the floor and received low wages for difficult jobs. I had always asked myself, why are they subjected to discrimination? After all, I comprehended that one of the main reason was a way of dispatching the blacks and people from another ethnical background out of America. The thought of losing my friends always scared me, but I was surprised by the knowledge that they are lazy whereas I regard them as the hardest working people (Brah, & Phoenix, 2004).
I came to conclude that it is somewhat selfish for a country like America to treat those people of other races in such a way and make them leave the country. I show the sympathy for such people since they are working very hard, contributed to the economical growth. I believe that everybody should have a chance to make a fortune to change his/ her destiny. I do understand my somewhat naive perception to raise the issue openly. After learning much from ethnic studies, I acknowledge the real meaning and importance of race which should be addressed seriously for a better viewpoint of others around us.References
Brah, A .and Phoenix, A .( 2004) Ain_x0092_t I a Woman? Revisiting Intersectionality. Journal of International Women studies 5( 3) : 75-86. ( Links to an external site.)
Collins , P. Hill ( 2000) Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge , Consciousness , and the Politics of Empowerment ( 2nd Edn). New York. Routledge , pp. 227-229( available as an e-copy on Icat). ( Links to an external site)
Yuval- Davis , N . ( 2006) Intersectionality and Feminist Politiocs. European Journal of Women studies 13(3): 193-209

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