Ethics are codes

Ethics in Writing

Ethics are moral principles that apply to all professions, not just those like education, medicine, research, and writing. Ethics are intended to regulate how people behave while performing their duties at work or education; they guarantee professional conduct. In writing, there are some moral standards that must be followed. Writing reports and papers requires a commitment to ethics. The reader is drawn to a document that has been written ethically. However, a dishonest paper neglects to address its purpose and may lead a reader to form the incorrect opinion.

Guidelines for Academic Writing

Knowing the proper guidelines for academic writing is crucial for writers. My first rule of conduct is to refrain from copying. I avoid plagiarism by conducting a thorough citing of sources, paraphrasing, and quoting other authors. Plagiarism involves presenting someone else concept or principle like you are the original owner. It also entails putting someone's idea in your writing without properly citing the source of information. Plagiarism infringes on intellectual property rights of other people. According to United States law, someone original concept falls under intellectual property and is protected by copyright regulations. The law safeguards every original idea.

Language Usage and Politeness

I am also mindful of the language I use in my writing; most writers tend to use a language that is offensive to a particular group of people such as women and Blacks. For instance, using statements that are not politically correct like poor people rather than low-income earners is considered not polite. Another example is the use of sexist language meant to undermine women.

Integrity in Writing

Writers should exhibit integrity in their writings. Serious ethical issues to take into consideration while writing include etiquette and plagiarism. Mechanisms are in place to monitor any ethical violations when writing.

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