Enviroment,Hormones, and Heredity

In genetic and behavioral research

Twins are important because they provide useful knowledge based on their special relationship. The partnership enables scientists to identify and analyze environmental and genetic effects on the twins' health and mental output.

Comparing dizygotic and monozygotic twins

In essence, dizygotic and monozygotic twins are compared by scientists and scientists to assess the degree of ecological and genetic regulation over a specific trait or behavior. DZ twins can be of different sexes and share an average of fifty percent of their chromosomes, while MN twins are usually of the same sex and have identical genetic makeup.

Genetics and environmental factors in IQ development

According to the research, genetics and environmental factors play a significant part in the development of IQ in children. However, these effects vary depending on the environment. Children from poor backgrounds grew up in the same household and regardless of their genetic similarities, where found to have alike IQ scores. On the other hand, in affluent families, dizygotic twins tend to have more varying IQ scores than monozygotic twins who have identical genetic makeup. These findings imply that heritability cannot be used to explain traits across large populations in different environmental contexts.

Challenging the traditional definition of heritability

The article concludes that although IQ score study among monozygotic and dizygotic twins from both affluent and low-income families raised questions about how heritability is used to explain some traits in large populations, it does not challenge the traditional definition of the term. Instead, the author argues that these findings only challenge the proportion of variance on a certain trait that can be explained by genetic factors.

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