embracing diversity and Cultural Competence

The makeup of a society and cultural competence

The makeup of a society and how one can fit in with them are strongly influenced by its culture. The kind of people a certain set of people can rapidly associate with depends on their cultural disposition. Cultural competence encompasses a wide range of knowledge, values, and set skills that work together to provide an overarching framework of policies, attitudes, and structures that support and promote cultural diversity. It is a complex developmental process that is driven by a number of variables, including knowledge, abilities, and attitudes. The case study of Jorge Vargas is evident that cross-cultural interaction serves to diversify the relationship between Latinos and the Americans. The education system tries to incorporate the two cultures and give the student a proper learning environment. Therefore, this essay attempts to highlight how the various factors affect cultural competence and the overall effect on the diversity of cultures across the world basing our analysis on Jorge Vargas case study.

Cultural Competence; embracing diversity

Deep culture requires the strict following of the requirements of a particular action and any slight deviation is met with harsh consequences. Jorge Vargas is a Mexican-American who is caught between two cultures which diversely affect his social and educational life. In his case, the culture significantly affects the learning schedule of these immigrants creating a huge divide between learners and the tutors.

Factors affecting cultural diversity

Time orientation and respect for authority are some of the factors which affect cultural diversity. In the case study, Jorge misses classes without handing any official reason or permission to the school. The truancy is attributed to the fact that he upholds the ethical considerations of the culture and dismisses the authority of the school. Berardo and Deardorff point out that at this point culture profoundly affect the diversity to a vast extent (Bearardo and Deardorff, 2012). Hence, in this case, it is true to note that difference is infringed in an instance where one culture cannot embrace and respect the other culture.

Perceptions and the value of education in some cases are not given much consideration. Additionally, priority to family issues takes the central role in the life of Jorge Vargas, and this reduces the diversity element of the American educational system. In this instance, Leavitt notes that to enhance diversity one has to blend into the culture of other people (Leavitt, 2010). In this case, it is evident that for cultural diversity to take place there should be a compromise on one part of the culture thus to bring out cultural diversity.

Communication and assimilation dilemma also affects cultural diversity hence acting as an impediment to cultural diversity. The case of Jorge is a perfect example of how communication can be a barrier to cultural diversity. Berardo speaks of how communication can serve as a hindering force to cultural diversity (Bearardo and Deardorff, 2012). The case study indicates that there is a disconnect between the guardians of Jorge and the tutors. Therefore it goes without question that education in this part will play a great role in facilitating cultural blending between the Latinos and the Americans.


Finally, it is evident that the Latinos and the American have a slight disconnect that bars them from socializing with each other. In this perspective, the case study provides a concise picture of the various problems that hinder socialization between different types of people.


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