Elections and Freedom to Vote

Among all voters, the discussion on the need for photo ID has begun to gather pace, with ardent supporters for and against it. To this end, I assume that the change for voters to require a photo ID is a good one. This is large because most tests of tampering or voting manipulation solidify the process. In a voting system where there is no photo ID requirement, either party may attempt to ship voters from the neighboring state to win more votes illegally (Harrison, 24). This creates a massive loophole which would represent a flaw in the democratic mechanism if left unchecked. The purpose of requiring a photo ID is to ascertain the identity of the voters, and in essence, to affirm whether or not they are indeed American citizens who are eligible to vote. In doing so, no unauthorized person can participate in the voting process.

Requiring voter photo ID has detrimental effects on voter turnout. There are a great many in the States who consider that the requiring of their photo ID to vote, robs them of their fundamental right to carry out their most sacred obligation as citizens. As such, they often will not turn up for election when such rules are enforced. However, a majority of persons still take their place in the queues to exercise their civic duty. Voting Rights Act of 1965 required that states have preclearance before altering voter laws, which only suppressed the states, and was struck down in the Supreme Court Case, Shelby County V. Holder (Hicks., et al. 36). Courts nationwide have expressed their support for the requirement of photo ID before voting, as they cite that it could ensure the safety of the electoral process against tampering, which is crucial to the future of the nation.

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