Effects of Acute Carbohydrate Ingestion on Anaerobic Exercise Performance

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Effects of acute Carbohydrate ingestion on anaerobic exercising performance is a research article performed and written by the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition. The research used to be conducted by a group of seven sport nutritionists and researchers on nine exceptionally trained sports volunteers over a length six sessions. After the research, the same team posted their research findings report on the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition. The find out about was conducted to look at the effect of various ranges of carbohydrate ingestion on the ability of a participant to complete a set of acute checking out sessions. It is known that carbohydrate ingestion during endurance exercises increases performance. This study therefore dug deeper into this supplementation.

This article is current and the information presented is up to date. The research was physically carried out in the year 2016, where primary data was collected. This data was recorded, analyzed and used in composing the article. The background information section contains ample research on the topic exploring numerous previous researches that addressed the same topic. However, in this section, the writer used old articles that date as back as 1991. The information presented in the paper is derived from primary data, which is basically what was done, observed and inferred in the practical conduct of the study.

Information in the paper is presented logically and well organized under small sub topics and subtopics. It is presented in a simple research language which covers the topic efficiently and can be easily understood. Any derived information in this paper is well referenced especially in the background information section, where he cites various other works on the same field, such as; Clarke ND, Kornilios E, Richardson DL. Carbohydrate and caffeine mouth Rinse do not affect maximum strength and muscular endurance Performance. J Strength Cond Res. 2015; 29:2926–31. The study found out that injection of carbohydrates during acute exercises boost muscle strength and conditions the performance.

Answers to the Questions

Potential positive benefits on the strength of the athlete include boosting muscle strength for acute exercise, conditioning the muscles of the athlete for better exercising, enhanced muscular endurance and attenuation of muscle glycogen depletion.

Study was sponsored by the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition as well as Biomed Central, both of which are non-profit making organizations, hence there is no potential for the study to be biased for any reason whatsoever.

Glycogen ids the major fuel source during the initial aerobic phase when the muscle needs urgent supply of carbohydrates for fuel. Glycogen is stored in muscles hence it is easily accessible.

The authors do not give a recommended dosage for carbohydrate supplementation of strength in athletes. However, they argue that studies have shown the greatest efficiency in concentrations between 10% to 20% carbohydrate.

A double blind experiment means that neither the participants nor the researchers know who is receiving a particular treatment or not. This is a measure to prevent bias in randomized control trials such as this study.

The participants were given a 7-10 day rest period between exercises to enable them to fully recover to the normal state and to regain their energy for the subsequent difficult test exercises.

This study used nine subjects. However, two withdrew in the course of the study, thereby leaving only seven in the study. All the participants in the study were male. The inclusion of males only in the study creates gender bias as this information may not effectively apply to the women. This would not present any problems during analysis, because it is only inclusive to men.

The three concentrations of carbohydrate used in the study were 15g/h, 30g and 60g/h, which were given prior to the six sessions involved in the study with each administration occurring in the morning after a 10 hour fast.

The dosages mentioned above have various effects to the overall performance of the athlete. 15g/h gave the best performance which declined with an increase in the dosage to 30g/h. A greater decline in this activity was observed when the amount of carbohydrate was further increased to 60g/h. 15g/h, is the lowest concentration in the study set and gave the best result.

A dosage of 15g/h gave the greatest performance compared to the rest of the dosages used across all the tests conducted in the study.

The strength activities which were enhanced by ingestion of carbohydrates in this study were sprinting, Broad jumping, DB bench-press, Biceps Curl, and resistance training.

There are limitations which are stated by the author in this study, which include the inability of the study to monitor and provide dietary information in the 24 hours prior to the experimental testing. Secondly, in this study, there was no true placebo which was administered for control purposes.


This study explored an interesting area of exercise nutrition which uncovered various important facts on the same. Personally, I thought that the more the carbohydrate one feeds on, the higher his or her strength is enhanced. I was delighted to learn that beyond a certain amount, the performance enhancement drops thereby making the supplementation adverse to the athlete. I was also surprised by the little amount which is required in this supplementation, as I thought that the strength enhancement is to be achieved through consumption of relatively higher amounts of carbohydrate than outlined in this report. I therefore think that this study was very informative and the information derived is essential in the modern day training and regulation of sports diet. However, I think that this study followed a small number of participants, which is not enough for provision of reliable results which are generalizable. The study should have used a greater number of participants.

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