Eating disorders

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Eating disorders are a category of disorders characterized by unhealthy food relationships. Eating disorders are often viewed as a lifestyle choice. Eating disorders/unhealthy eating habits are a severe and often fatal condition that interferes with a person’s eating habits. Food obsessions, body weight, and shape are all characteristics of eating disorders. Bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, and binge eating habits are some of the more popular eating disorders.
Hans-Christoph Steinhausen is an honorary specialist in child and adolescent health care and author of Disorders in Adolescents: Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa. He was a clinical professor at the University of Basel’s Department of Medicine in Switzerland. Along with this novel, the author has written other works on Bulimia nervosa. A Cross-Lag Panel Review of Low Self Confidence as a Predictor of Adolescent Internalizing Symptoms in a Prospective Longitudinal Study” is one of his other books. The other publication is “Effective Mental Health Screening in Adolescents: Should we collect data from youth, parents or both.
The article talks about both bulimia and anorexia nervosa as unhealthy eating disorders in childhood adolescence. Bulimia nervosa of a poor eating habit marked cycles of increased eating which is then followed by purging and the associated behaviors in compensation with the overeating. The individuals undergoing the condition experience the feeling of loss of control on eating. People with this condition eat recurrently and later lack the control to the frequent episodes of eating. The binge eating is followed by mechanism induced to compensate the excess eating such as forced vomiting, fasting, and use of physical activities. Unlike other cases of unhealthy eating disorders, people with this eating condition maintain a healthy and normal weight.
The article also talks about anorexia nervosa as an unhealthy eating disorder where individuals see themselves as overweight even if they are underweight. The individuals tend o repeatedly weigh themselves and restrict the amount of food consumed. The article also reveals that the patients suffering from this condition eat small qualities of specific food. It has the highest mortality rate among the mental health conditions. According to the article, women with this condition tend to develop and die from complications related to starvation. Other individuals die of suicide. As explored by the book, the other symptoms include restricted eating, thin body and intense fear of adding weight (Steinhausen, 10).
Eating Disorders by Crisfield Deborah
The article was authored in 1994 by Deborah Crisfield who is a soccer coach. Besides coaching, she has also authored twenty-eight books that relate to sports. While she was young, she played soccer during high school, college I and in the women leagues. The author graduated with Hons Degree from the University of Ulster with specialization in Professional Development and Counselling.
The other books published in the Eating Disorders article include The Everything Kid’s Soccer Book in 2017 and Winning soccer for girls in 1996. Deborah works with her clients after she grew passion in helping people with body, weight and comfort concerns, an example includes anorexia nervosa patients who are in constant watch of their weight (Crisfield, 15). The article was written after she completed her training at the National Centre for Eating Disorders.
Binge eating disorder: Clinical foundations and treatment by Mitchell, James E.
The article was written by James Edward in 1947 about binge eating disorder as an unhealthy eating habit.The author is a Christofferson MD Professor and also chairs the Department of Neuroscience at North Dakota University The contents of the article talks about what understand about binge eating disorder and how it can be treated. It also gives the clinical features psychopathology of the disease. The book talks about the relationship between binge eating disorder and obesity. The book gives much focus to the characteristics of the eating disorder, the psychology behind it, the risk factors. The book also recommends the psychotherapy for the binge eating disorder regarding cognitive behavioral treatment.
According to the book, binge eating disorder is characterized by regular episodes of overeating, and later the individual feels the loss of control about eating. Unlike bulimia nervosa, the disorder is not followed excessive exercise, vomiting or fasting to compensate the overeating. The book stresses that the people with binge eating disorder are also obese (Mitchell, 81). The source will be used to gain an understanding of binge eating disorder and how it can be managed among other issues.
Eating Disorder sourcebook by Judd, Sandra J
The book was authored in 2011 by Sandra Judd. Other books published by the same author include Adult health concerns sourcebook of 2011 and Asthma sourcebook in 2008. The book contains basic consumer health messages and information about common eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder.
The article starts by elaborating what the eating disorders are, and the statistical distribution of these health conditions. It as well elaborates the relationship between the eating disorders and obesity. A second part of the article gives focus to the risk factors for the eating disorders. Thirdly, the causes of the eating disorders are discussed (Judd, 289). The book then proceeds to medical complications of the disorders, treatment, and prevention. The article is useful in understanding all aspects of eating disorders ranging from causes to prevention.

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