Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen

The character in the excerpt depicts a wartime incident.

The character in the excerpt depicts a wartime incident. He makes a reference to the confusion that sets in among the troops as a result of the enemy forces' barrage of poisonous gas fumes. It serves as a reflection of the difficulties of war and the costs paid by troops to end it.

As the other soldiers rush to grab their headgear, the persona sees a fellow soldier collapse to death from the poison. The persona is unable to aid the writhing soldier and is as a result compelled to live with the stigma for a considerable amount of time.

This excerpt captures the frustration of the persona who happened to be rejected by a woman that he loved and proposed to. He compares the woman to Helen of Troy and alludes that like Helen, she inspired violence in men. Helen of Troy was partially responsible for the Trojan war given that she left her Menelaus for the prince of Troy, Paris. The persona further predicates that the woman of his passion is simple minded and it is all that she would ever be. Lastly, the persona alludes that the absence of a second Troy to hurt inspired the woman’s rejection and thus consequently hurt other people.

The Horse Dealer’s Daughter BY D.H. Lawrence

The excerpt is borrowed from the instance that Jack rescues Mabel from the lake and takes her to the house. In the house, Jack keeps her warm up until Mabel is awake. Upon waking up, Mabel insists that Jack rescued her because he loved her. However, Jack is flustered since he felt obliged to rescue her as a courtesy. The excerpt refers to Jack’s horror when he realizes that he might be in love with Mabel after all. When he had rescued her, his sole interest in her was the interest that he extended his patients. Nonetheless, he soon realizes that there is more to his feelings than just benevolence.

Araby by James Joyce

In this excerpt, the narrator finds himself at the bazaar seeking to inspire the interest of the young woman who was selling porcelain vases and flowered tea-sets. The excerpt further captures the speaker’s isolation from the society around him. He feels vain because he is not able to fully connect or act like the others in his society. He is flustered by the English accent that is projected by the young lady and her companions and laments his inability to speak like the young men who were conversing with the young lady.

Question 2

The Horse Dealer’s Daughter

Indeed, Jake loves Mabel. To begin with, he saves her when she attempts to drown herself in the lake. Upon saving her life, Jack realizes that he might be in love with Mabel but resists the notion and tries to convince himself that his intentions were limited to the interest that a doctor has towards his patient. For instance, Jack attempts to dissuade Mabel from loving him because he did not feel worthy of her love. Thus, he predicates “I’m so awful, I’m so awful…you can’t want to love me, I’m horrible”. Similarly, Jack’s love is also shown when he commits to marry Mabel. He finally admits that he wants her. Jack was afraid that his coworkers might suggest that he is taking advantage of the patient-doctor relationship to impose romance on Mabel. Indeed, it is likely that the tow will marry in the future. This is because the death of Mabel’s father may render her in poverty and thus she is more likely choose to commit to Jack to avoid poverty.


The narrator is mainly fascinated by the illusions that he has about Mangan’s sister. His interest is mainly physical as he conjures images of romantic trysts with Mangan’s sister. However, on visiting the Bazaar, his illusions are shattered since he is able to determine that she is an ordinary girl. He is driven by lust rather than love and this is a consequence of the physical and hormonal changes that are inspired by adolescence. As he stands in the darkened market, he realizes that he is vain. This is because he had conjured images that were not reflective of the reality on the ground.

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