Domain of Nursing Practice

Knowing the domains of nursing practice ensures that a nurse operates within specified thresholds and achieves set goals efficiently. The Board of Nursing creates the realm of practice, which all nurses must follow (Perkin, Newton, & Swift, 2008). Many considerations are evaluated while determining whether actions are within the scope of nursing practice.

The Nursing Practice Act guides nurses' work and is taken into account when determining whether or not activities are conducted within the nursing domain. The statute assures that nurses' actions are safe and competent in the eyes of the population they serve. Any action should be conducted in accordance with the established norms and regulations (Husted et al., 2014). The Act provides boundaries of the steps a nurse can undertake including the standards of care, what a nurse can do, and what a nurse must do (Husted et al., 2014). Organizational procedures and policies should also be considered in determining nursing domain. Hospitals and other organizations have policies that guide actions of nurses, hence an action has to adhere to these rules to be considered within the nursing field. Patient preferences also have to be considered with a nurse’s activity having to comply with a patient’s specifications to achieve quality care delivery and prompt recovery.

A nurse’s knowledge and competency should also be considered in evaluating if an action is within the nursing domain. Nurses have to possess the required competency and skills to perform an action and achieve better patient outcomes. The action should also promote safe care for the patient.

In conclusion, the nursing domain is guided by the nursing act, policies and guidelines in an institution, patient preferences, knowledge and competency of a nurse and the skills, and the activity should promote safe care.


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