Diseases that are prevalent in Spanish-speaking cultures

According to In Kopera-Frye (2017), external conditions, the population's daily activities, and the types of food products they consume also determine the prevalence of specific diseases in a given geographic region. Africans in Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, had never suffered from heart disease or diabetes before adopting a new diet. In this perspective, Spanish-speaking cultures occupy different geographical borders, and as a result, they are affected by certain common diseases based on cultural norms. As a result, in terms of health and medicine, this paper discusses illnesses prevalent in Spanish-speaking cultures. A majority of the adults belong to the ordinary Spanish-speaking speaking society. The adults are proud of their identity hence it is easier to identify them within the health and medicine fields whenever they come for medical care, physician consultations, or a special type of treatment (In Kopera-Frye, 2017). As such, the medical records kept with the health facility reveal the common particular type of diseases that the Spanish–speaking adults suffer from. Nevertheless, the following chronic diseases in respect to medical records and medical reports on the identified age group are noticed to be common.Hypertension: Morales, Lara, Kington, Valdez, and Escarce (2002) noted that hypertension which is also known as chronic elevation qualifies as one of the major risk factors, which result in heart disease as well as stroke. Medical reports show that hypertension in Hispanic adults has risen over the twenty-five years of research to match its prevalence among the non-Hispanic white adults. Sucher, Kittler, and Nelms (2016) informs the audience while making reference to the National Health and Nutrition Examination surveys that the rates of hypertension which were once considered lower among the Hispanic populace has risen over time to be equivalent to the ratios recorded among the non-Hispanic white adults and currently are on the same level. One major reason is the change in diet stemming from effects of diet transition having occupied new geographical regions within the United States of America.Cardiovascular Disease: Medical reports by In Kopera-Frye (2017) highlight the fact that it is not only the cardiovascular disease that is the major cause of the Hispanic speaking cultures in the United States of America but also its related consequences including the ischemic heart disease as well as cerebrovascular disease. Based on the analysis of the main causes identified in Sucher, Kittler and Nelms (2016), the risk factors encompass obesity, hypertension, diabetes, low and high levels of lipoprotein cholesterol and smoking among the adults aged seventy-five years. Additionally, it is highlighted that the Hispanics speaking –cultures record increased rates of suffering from obesity and diabetes compared to the non-Hispanic whites hence are greatly affected by the cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the majority of the adults suffering from the aforementioned diseases die because their blood pressure compared to the non-Hispanic whites presents problems in attempts to control.Cancer: Cancer is chronic diseases that cut across all races, thus, the Spanish-speaking culture are not included. Fortunately, In Kopera-Frye (2017) analysis of the date registry reveal to the public that Hispanics are lucky to experience overall lower incidents of cancer infections as compared to other non-Hispanic speaking cultures. For instance, examination of the various types of cancers including lung cancer, prostate, breast, rectum, and colon all from the lower rates recorded. On the other hand, the Hispanics are leading population that is mostly affected by other cancer types including the cervical as well as stomach cancers.Asthma: The disease affects a majority of the children belonging to the Spanish-speaking cultures within the United States. For example in a study conducted among the Hispanics in the East Coastline families, it was established that of the children found with asthma,25 percent emanated from the Spanish-speaking cultures such as Purto Ricans,18 percentage was allocated non-Hispanics who were blacks and 10 percent of the non-Hispanic whites. Further analysis according to Morales, Lara, Kington, Valdez, and Escarce, (2002) informed the audience that Asthma’s effect is different from different geographical regions. In regards to the Hispanic children, it was established that it affects the children in unequal measures. As such, two-thirds of approximately half a million children constituting the Hispanic population in the United States are from Puerto Rican Spanish-Speaking cultures and that the prevalence of asthma takes about eleven percent compared to other diseases that might affect the children. One major suggested explanation for the high prevalence of Asthma among the aforementioned children constituting Spanish-speaking culture in the United States is a genetic predisposition, which is certainly not shared with the other neighboring population.Concisely, the prevalence of some diseases may be common among a given culture based on particular norms, which encourage reliance on some food types, genetic inheritance, and the geographical factors. Hence, the Spanish-speaking cultures have been identifying to suffer from common diseases including hypertension, cancer, obesity, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and cerebrovasculaReferencesMorales, L. S., Lara, M., Kington, R. S., Valdez, R. O., & Escarce, J. J. (2002). Socioeconomic, cultural, and behavioral factors affecting Hispanic health outcomes. Journal of health care for the poor and underserved, 13(4), 477.Sucher, K. P., Kittler, P. G., & Nelms, M. N. (2016). Food and Culture. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.In Kopera-Frye, K. (2017). Health literacy among older adults. New York, NY : Springer Publishing Company.

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