Direct types of propaganda in artwork

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Louis Davies painted one of his art piece in 1784. This was one of his notable artworks which succeeded in spreading propaganda. The work of this artist has been applauded, recognized and at the same time alluding to Rousseau’s social contract. The three sons positioning themselves to comply with thier father perfectly describes his work as a master piece of art because of its originality. From the art piece, it is very clear that the gender roles are the way that they are especially by considering that there is a dispute between the women and the group of brothers in Horatti.
Besides, David thoroughly demonstrates his father back with the ladies whereby he blocks women from oath making rituals. The women also appear small in scale as compared to men. The male gender rigidity displays discipline masculine virility. However, it is contrasted by the collapsing and sprawling feminine softness which is crafted by the half of the composition. Also, it can be observed on the attributes of the division of male-female that are confined in the sexes and to specific roles, which are under the modern doctrines. (Jacques and Johnson 27)
On the contrary, Benjamin West painted Death of General Wolfe to depict a dramatic blockbuster whereby other elements influence the spectacle. His main idea was to give his audience a unique view of North America. He displayed the landscape and the architecture to achieve his mission. The right side of the composition depicts St Lawrence River while the steeple represents the cathedral of the city in Quebec. Also, the landscape displays a tattooed Native American on the left side of the painting. The event is from the New World; thus, more exciting to the English audience situated firmly by the Native American (Montagna, 11).

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