Dialectical contradiction in relatioship development

Contradictions in Relationship Growth

Contradiction in any relationship is caused by two conflicting forces that are mutually reliant. Three major contradictions in relationship growth have been studied by experts over time. They are autonomy-connection, openness and closeness, and predictability and novelty, in that order.


Let us concentrate on the autonomy-connection; relationships do not stand a chance if each participant maintains their autonomy (Baxter, 70). The foundation of the connection is coexistence with people's differences. For any relationship to progress, I believe autonym must be abandoned. Autonomy, on the other hand, implies ties. Letting go of attachments may be the wisest Acton in a relationship, this will ensure the success of connection as opposed to autonomy. However, there is an equilibrium that when reached, the relationship will flourish. The question is how this equilibrium can be achieved?

Contradiction Dominance

There are two evident aspects of contradiction exists as both parties perceive both elements of a contradiction. The result will either be the condition of contradiction dominant over the other. For instance, in the case where both parties are pulling towards autonomy, the result will be a break, thus making the dominant state to be autonomy (Baxter, 72). I think this implies that contradictions are both the basis of an existing relationship or the end of one. When we talk about the existence of a relationship due to contradiction implies that the contrasting elements are diluted. This implies that the contradiction exists, but the two parties involve find an equilibrium for the contradicting elements. The dilution of contradiction, in this case, means compromise of various elements for the good of the relationship (Baxter, 73). The issue with compromise is that it involves breaking connections. Breaking of two much connection n the other hand leads to lose of individual identity which can easily lead to strenuous relationships.

Works Cited

Baxter, Leslie. "Dialectical contradiction in relatioship development." University of Crlifornia-Davis (n.d.): 88.

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