Culture Industry Reconsidered

Theodor Adorno and the Culture Industry

Theodor Adorno has become the world's most popular philosopher in recent years. He has been able to handle and address a variety of problems that are connected to the cultural issue. Most of his well-known works, including the Culture business reconsidered, make this clear. (1975). A few of his well-known statements have been used to describe his work. Although the culture industry itself would hardly be able to survive without adapting to the masses, one of the most important quotes from this volume is "The masses are not the measure but the ideology of the culture industry". He has been able to use these quotes to grasp the minds of people who are reading his famous works. People have, however, failed to fully understand the real meaning of his quotations.

Meaning of the quote

However, this quote was used with a purpose. It therefore means that each and every individual should be in a position to fully analyze and find out what it entails at the end of it all. As for me, I just believe in the existence of the relationship between the masses and the cultural industry. This quote is more on the society that contains almost all the types of people. Specifically, I think that the quote is mainly concerned with the manipulative person and their inferior or partner.

It will also give use the instinct where cultural companies are able to use tactics and clever ideas. This is why he states that the masses are the ideology of the industry rather than its measure. This means that they will be able to manipulate the masses into believing and making themselves part of a given group since they will be having the same thinking mentality. The industry will also be able to use the larger partners in manipulating the inferior partners. The cultural industry will therefore not depend on itself but the masses/people around it.

Work cited

Adorno, Theodor W., & Rabinbach, G. Anson. "Culture industry reconsidered." New German Critique, 6 (1975): 12-19.

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