Conspiracy Theory

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A conspiracy theory is a detailed interpretation of a certain circumstance or occurrence that primarily invokes conspiracy thinking without a warrant. Conspiracy theories are typically based around illicit and dangerous acts carried out by influential individuals or regimes. They primarily build or are proud of hypotheses that challenge traditional understandings of basic facts and background. Several notable conspiracies have arisen over the last few decades; others have been proved true, while some have yet to be proven. The majority of conspiracies emerge as a way for governments and influential players to hide their filthy and dangerous practices. Some of the most famous conspiracies include 9/11 attack, Princess Diana death, Michael Jackson death, the alien conspiracy, the antichrist, Kurt Cobian conspiracy, freemasons conspiracy, free and agenda 21 conspiracy.

Question 1

What types of conspiracy theories interest you the most?

The conspiracy theories that interest me the most are the ones that States government did it, the scientist did it, and aliens did it. It is always fascinating reading about these conspiracy theories online or through a newspaper that tries to open to the world the things that the government and powerful actors are working to conceal from the public. For instance, the governments have always been the target by conspiracy theorists because they do much inexplicably weird stuff. Similarly, lack of transparency on the side of the states usually makes it perfect to conspiracy theories to storm in. Some argue that the government was involved in the 9/11 attack and it was a plan to start a war. Moreover, others state that Area 51 is harboring aliens.

Is there one particular theory that seems to have special significance to you? One that appears to have a clear message/purpose that is relevant to you?

The 9/11 attack is one of the deadliest attacks on Unites States soil that left more than 2500 people dead and more than 6000 people injured. Consequently, the attack destroyed the World Trade Center buildings from with people profited from insurance of the buildings. Primarily, before the attack took place some fishy business were carried out within the insurance firms and stock markets with traders profiting from the tragedy. Consequently, similarly, it is widely argued that the planes did not bring down the buildings but bombs did. Therefore, the Pentagon attack does not add up with conspiracy theorists claiming that the hole was smaller than the commercial American Airlines plane. Thirdly, evidence suggests that the hijacker’s passports survived the attack indicating that there was a cover-up. Additionally, it is impractical for the aluminum aircraft to penetrate steel building. Such factors support that the 9/11 attack was a conspiracy by the United States government to start a war and invade the Middle East in the name of fighting terrorists.

Question 2

How does conspiracy theory interact with race and religion?

Conspiracy theories take several forms, and they vary widely in their popularity, their effects on individuals, and the intensity in which they are believed. Primarily, the elements of spread, action, and stick are not separate from the sequences of conspiracy theories. The quasi-religious account offers a way through which interpretation of paradoxical relations between modern civil society and conspiracy theories. Religion is another important factor that is affected conspiracy theories. With some arguments questioning the validity of the Bible and the existence of Jesus. This shows that even this such as race is subject to conspiracy theories with some conspiracy theorist suggesting that during the late 1890’s and early 1900’s people of color were used as test subjects for medical experiments. Primarily, conspiracy theories play a crucial role in determining the influence of the facts on the belief of people on race and religion.

How do we see this functioning in contemporary media?

The media is an important aspect of communicating the truth. The media plays a significant role in communicating the existence of the conspiracy theories. This is through publications, TV shows, and stories about conspiracy theories such as the moon landing, 9/11, UFOs, and the X-Files and covering topic such as the JFK assassination. Their give people both sides of the story the one that government wants them to believe and the other end that the government is trying to hide. This gives people more information, and they can determine what is true and what is not. For instance, the Pizza-gate conspiracies of one of the best example of the recent conspiracies that the media was able to cover adequately. Consequently, the was a conspiracy that the Russia government had interfered with the United States election a case which is still under investigation.

What conspiracy theories are developing around particular groups recently?In the United States media that is a conspiracy growing that President Trump is being used by Putin to put forward his agenda. Additionally, there is a developing conspiracy that Michael Jackson might have staged his death to avoid the limelight given to celebrities around the world. Further, there is also a developing conspiracy that President Trump’s vaccines are harmful to the children.

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