Conspiracy Theory of the 9/11

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For many years, people have been debating the September 11, 2001, attack on the United States. It was one of the most heartbreaking tragedies to strike the United States, and it will be remembered for the rest of time. The actions of September 11, 2001 were heinous, and they will forever remind Americans of how people can harbor hatred for one another. The incidents unfolded at a breakneck pace. As a result, some facts on the motive for the attack were overlooked, which is why there is still controversy about whether it was a deliberate attack by the US government or not. After the September 11 attack in New York, there have been several conspiracy theories alleging that the American government plotted, organized, and carried out the attack. Hence, I agree with the theory that the US government planned the September 11 attack because it failed to disclose all the evidence and records about the attacks. In addition, the government was warned by the US intelligence service that there might be a possible attack on the World Trade Center but the state gave a deaf ear on the caution.

The American government organized the September 11 attacks in New York because they received several warnings about the incident but they ignored all of them. The US intelligence system warned the government about possible attacks on the World Trade Center, but the warning was discredited. So, this raises the question why did the government overlook the warning and let this tragedy occur? In addition, the Islamic extremists had given enough warnings that they were going to kill Americans in large numbers. According to Eichenwald, the United States received a threat posed by Osama bin Laden on 6 August on how his terrorist network was going to strike the US, but again, the government went deaf on the threats ( Therefore, these were enough reasons for the government to take preventive measures instead of overlooking the cautions given to them by the intelligence service. Therefore, the September 11 attack on the US was not a shock nor a surprise as the government makes the people believe, it was something that was well planned and executed because nothing was done on the warning by terrorists and the intelligence service. The US government failed to take a significant action on the warnings of potential attacks leading to extensive deaths and the destruction of the World Trade Center.

Even though the government insists that they were not informed exactly when the attack would occur and that is why they ignored the intelligence warnings, this is a lame excuse. This misses the point because no terrorist can ever give the exact date he/she is going to attack, and so the state failed despite receiving a notice about the attack. The government should not give baseless excuses because they were supposed to be alert amid all the warnings. The disturbing reality is that if the George Bush government had responded with urgency to the warnings from the CIA, people could not have lost their lives and the building destroyed. However, that was not the case; the warnings were disregarded leading to the September 11 attack in the year 2001. According to an opinion poll done in Germany, at least five Germans are confident that the US was behind the attack because they wanted to go to war with the Middle East (Knight 170). Moreover, the same poll reveals that most New Yorkers also believe that the government knew about the attack and they intentionally failed to prevent it. Therefore, with all these polls, it is evident that the government consciously failed to perform its duties diligently to avoid the attack because they planned it or actively assisted in the execution of the September 11 attacks in New York.

The fact that the US government admitted that it was behind the destruction of the Northern Tower of the World Trade Center suggests that they were behind all the attacks. They claim that they were only behind half of the damage and that someone else who is a terrorist did the major destruction. However, this can never be a coincidence because the US government wanted to destroy the whole tower and not one of the twin towers as they claim (Griffin 68). In fact, the government is responsible for the deaths of about 3000 people who were in the building because they did not warn them to stay away from the building on the day of the destruction.

After the attacks, the US government failed to unveil all the evidence and records concerning the attacks to the public, and this suggests that they planned the attack. The US government has continued to conceal crucial information about the attacks even after several years have passed forcing many Americans to believe that it took part in the planning and carrying gout the attacks (Jones 40). Opponents argue that this is just a theory just like other theories Americans believe in, for instance, thinking that the government is hiding information about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and about global warming. Therefore, according to Dunbar, this is just another conspiracy theory like the rest (78). However, this is disputable because it is evident that the government has concealed all the records about the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center.

On the same point of failing to disclose evidence, the debris of the collapsed tower were quickly removed from the site without any forensic examinations. The question here is why this was done if the government was not hiding something from its citizens. The government was aware of the attack, and they knew that if the debris were to be examined by forensic experts, the real cause of the attack could be determined and it could be linked to the US government. As a result, they protected and removed all the debris disallowing any examinations and later on sold it to scrap merchants, and the rest was shipped abroad to avoid any further scientific investigations. Therefore, the above actions prove that the US government had a lot to do with the September 11 attack.

The US government organized and executed the September 11 attacks in New York because the attack and the rescue process were unusual. During the day of the attack, the firefighters only focused on saving the people and not putting the fire off. In normal cases, the firefighters can never let a fire rage unabated for several hours without putting it off as they did in this case. They let the fire rage for about 7 hours without doing anything, and this raises the question why? Why did they not prioritize putting off the fire to save the building from further destructions? Therefore, this suggests that the attack was planned and the initial plan was to destroy the towers, and this is the reason why the firefighters were instructed to do nothing to stop the fire that was raging down the building.

Opponents argue that the government did not plan the September 11 attacks on the United States and only the leaseholder of the building knew what was going on. According to Information Liberation, the leaseholder of the property had specifically purchased an insurance policy that protected the building from terrorist attacks just a few months before the disaster ( The question is why the leaseholder bought the property and the terrorism insurance just a few months before the horrible attacks and why was the insurance against terrorist attacks. The opponents further argue that the actions of the property owner suggest that he was aware of the attacks and he did nothing about it. Therefore, the US government did not take part in the attacks, and only the owner knew about it. However, this is disputable because, before the attack, the anti-terrorism handbook that was handed over to the government had pictures of the World Trade Center, therefore, if the government had nothing to do with the attack, why did they fail to warn the people about the suspected attacks? Why did they fail to prevent the disaster from happening? The US government had a lot to hide about these attacks, and this is evident that they participated in the September 11 attacks in New York.

There are several conspiracy theories about the September 11 attack on the US, and one significant thing to note is that all the theories are supported by facts and figures (Safran 11). However, the US government has always disputed these arguments as hearsays and rumors just to protect its reputation on the matter. Nonetheless, a fact that remains indisputable is that the attacks on the World Trade Center could not have happened if the US government had acted on the warnings given to them by the intelligence system (Krause 118). The US defense system failed to perform their duties diligently leading to the attack, and so, the citizens are right to accuse the government of planning and carrying out the attack, which resulted in the death of many. To make it worse, instead of demoting, firing, and even prosecuting the involved parties who failed to take action after being warned, the military leaders were promoted, the president praised, and this raises more questions about their involvement in the September 11 attack (Zwicker 18). Therefore, with all this said, it is evident that the US government was behind the September 11 attack on its country because they failed the most crucial test of history of protecting its country and the citizens by deliberately giving a deaf ear despite several warnings from the intelligence service.

In conclusion, the September 11 attack on the United States was the most tragic incident that has ever remained in people’s mind. Several conspiracy theories have emerged about its probable cause with some theories having compelling arguments while others are not holding up. Since the attack, there have been several claims linking the US government to the attack and not the terrorists. For instance, the government is accused of deliberately disregarding warnings from the intelligence service about the attack. In addition, after the attack, the government failed to disclose all the records and evidence on the attack raising more suspicions on its involvement. One thing that is for sure is that if the government had acted on the warning, none of the deaths would have happened because they could have prevented the attack in the first place. Therefore, the US government was responsible for the New York September 11 attack because of the failure of its defense system and deliberate actions of the government to guard its people.

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