Comparison of interview and research: Career

Career refers to the activities that an individual engages in while working in his or her occupation. The term "career" has a broader connotation because it refers to a person's decision on his or her professional field. However, before deciding on a career, one should consider the benefits and negatives as well as the suitability of the career for him/herself. This article will look at a real estate career and interview a real estate professional to learn about his or her life in this area.

Real estate is a business in which professional property brokers, agents, and professionals help clients rent, acquire, and sell properties. It is a charming and rewarding career. If someone pursues this career, he would have good earnings and enjoy relatively better lifestyle. However, he/she have to get command on communication, selling skills and legal understanding to master before starting his/her career. The pros, cons and suitability concerns are transcribed here under for better understanding of the real estate field and to get help in decision as if it is a suitable for you career or not.

Interview transcription:

Q # 1 - Interviewer: How and why are you in the real estate profession?

Interviewee: I am in the profession because I meant to be a real estate professional. I like the working style, it actually charmed me as it is game of communication and selling skills which I think I got since the age of consciousness.

Q # 2 - Interviewer: How you feel about the company you work for?

Interviewee: My feelings about the company I am working for are satisfactory. The reason is my company has given me a chance to work and refine my communication and selling skills. So, if I am able to work in the market – it is just because of the company I am working in.

Q # 3 - Interviewer: Do you have any past experience with other organizations?

Interviewee: No. I don’t have any past experience but I have couple of years experience in the field and all of my experience consists of the organization I am currently working in. I am satisfied.

Q # 4 - Interviewer: What type of things they are be responsible for?

Interviewee: They are responsible of providing an environment where people who requires to sale or purchase a property would feel confident and comfortable. Advising clients on property prices, mortgages, and relevant market conditions. Presentation of any form of purchase offers to their customers without fail etc. My organization is quite concern about it. One reason of the high concerns is the competition in the market as other real estate brokers has furnished their offices and equip with the advanced technology to influence the clients.

Q # 5 - Interviewer: The path they took to get where they are today.

Interviewee: The secret of success is pragmatic approach towards the current and next coming market challenges. They tend to adapt the advanced and presently prevailing standards of the market.

Q # 6 - Interviewer: What they would have done differently?

Interviewee: They have a powerful system of presentation of any form of purchase offers to their customers without fail. I think that is the reason they are different in the market.

Q # 7 - Interviewer: How to get started and be successful?

Interviewee: The requirements you need to get started are intention and a mindset for learning in a challenging environment. To be successful in the real estate field, a person requires enhancing his/her communication, business, legal, technical and social skills.

Comparison of interview and research:

It is mentioned earlier in the treatise that real estate profession is lucrative, charming and highly rewarding. In the interview transcribed above we can witness the earlier articulation. Both of the potions of this treatise have uttered the same notion for the real estate career. It is a career where a good professional can earn good rewards and enjoy relatively better lifestyle.

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