Comparative Politics: Germany and Russia

Comparative Politics: A Comparison of Government Systems in Germany and Russia

Comparative politics focuses on comparing countries with an emphasis on important patterns of similarities and differences. The research paper compares systems of government in Germany and Russia. The three major systems of government i.e. unitary, federal, and confederate systems are first discussed.

The Concept of Centralization of Power

The differentiation into the three systems is founded on the concept of centralization of power, with a unitary state having the highest level of centralization. On the other hand, federal governments are highly decentralized with national and local authorities.

Similarities between Germany and Russia

The major similarity between Germany and Russia is they both have a federal system of government. Besides, in both countries, citizens participate through a democracy. Another significant similarity between the systems of government in the two countries is that citizens enjoy numerous freedoms and rights.

Differences in System of Administration

The two systems of government are similar in that their legislative arms have two houses or chambers. However, Russia and Germany’s system of administration has significant differences. First, Germany has a parliamentary system of democracy whereas Russia has a presidential system. Germany administration has a Chancellor as the chief executive, but in Russia, the President heads the state. The prime minister in Russia is similar to a Vice President in the United States in terms of duties performed. Moreover, the two nations are different in that after the Cold War, Germans do not directly elect the Chancellor, whereas Russians, after the fall of the Soviet Union, elect the President directly.


In conclusion, despite having a federal system of government, the two nations have significant differences in areas of political executive, territorial organization of authority, and legislature.

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